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  1. Thank you so much! I'm definitely going to do more research and look into more examples of DIY.
  2. @geowrian Thank you for your response!! No, we did not DIY for AOS filling, we used an attorney. I was going through all the requirements and needed documents for ROC , they all seems pretty straight forward but I guess I'm just worried that not putting the petition together the right way and also uncertain what and how much is sufficient to prove our bona fide marriage.
  3. Hi all! It's almost time for me to file my I-751. Contemplating to hire an attorney for some assistance in filing just to save some headaches. Have been researching a lot on VJ Forum on Youtube regarding the How-to to file I-751. I wanted to save some money if it's possible to DIY but just wondering if i'm risking it by doing so since I have been hearing that I-751 is getting longer to approved now and an interview is required, the whole process is a little more complex in general. I mainly worried about not having enough proof for our bona fide marriage. We don't own any properties, no kids (have a furry kid though, dog :D) , didn't have a wedding yet, so no wedding pictures, and my biggest worry is filling things the wrong way and get a RFE or denied. Just wanna know if there's any recent filers did DIY or went the attorney route, just want to know what are you guys' experiences like with different approach. Thank you!!!
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