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    My husband, Can, and I met through mutual friends a year or so before we started dating. He was here going to school and I work for a large bank, was divorced with a 6 year old son. We dated for a year before he proposed to me the weekend of our anniversary. We had a small ceremony in a local park (my second marriage) and celebrated at a winery afterwards. We held a big ceremony in Turkey a year after for his friends and family, 2 days before leaving we found out we were expecting! We welcomed our daughter, Alara, in February and now we’re on the journey to removing the conditions of his green card. Hoping to visit Turkey again next year, but in the meantime we’ve enjoyed several visits from family, now to learn more Turkish beyond just the basics!

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  1. Just wanted to update that out of the blue we got an approval letter in the mail in May. Totally unexpected and much sooner than I thought we’d receive and correspondence. Received permanent resident card within the next week. Good luck to the rest of the filers!
  2. Did you call or find out anything? Trying to gauge what could be happening with ours, it was mailed and tracking shows received but we’ve received nothing and they haven’t charged our card I called and spoke with a nice representative today who said they don’t have record of receiving but that’s “normal” and to give it 30 days and call back if we haven’t gotten anything by then. I sent it in a day too soon so was expecting it to be sent back but now I just don’t know. Sorry for way too much info 😬😊
  3. I forgot about our insurance (home/auto and health) and 2 years joint tax returns. I feel like I should just send an invitation to our house to have some Turkish tea at this point! 😂
  4. I forgot how nerve-wracking this whole process is! I misread the notice reminding us to file the 751 and thought it said we could send it before the 90 day window. Ended up sending it usps priority and it was delivered on 9/7 (Saturday), which was exactly 90 days. Reading through the comments that doesn’t seem to be a problem, the only concern I have now is that we dated it in august because I completed the forms first and collected the evidence last so I don’t know if the date on the forms must reflect within the 90 days. I haven’t received a text notification (did send in the form) and they have not charged my card yet (used the credit card form) so we shall see! I guess worst case scenario we’ll get the packet back and have to resign the forms. I’m assuming we can use the same evidence that we mailed. I also only sent in 3-4 bank statements for each of our bank accounts (1 checking, 1 savings, 1 business account). I spanned the years but we have so many things joint that I figured if we get an interview because we didn’t provide enough bank statements then we would get an interview anyway. We have a 6 month old, the deed to our house is in both names (not the mortgage because he didn’t have enough credit at the time we purchased it so it’s just in my name), both vehicle titles and one vehicle loan, business filed with the state shows us both as owners, 3 utility bills, 3 credit cards, our iCloud shared family, cell phones, and he’s the beneficiary on my employer life insurance and 401k. I also put together a 16 page photo “journey” in chronological order from when we started dating until August, with dates and names of all people, including our marriage in a park and our ceremony the next year in Turkey; our pregnancy and birth stories and color scans of anniversary/birthday/valentines cards and social media posts! Sorry for the long rant.. I’m anxious to get some kind of a notice!
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