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  1. First of all thank you so much for your guys giving me advices. I never want to do it illegally. Thats why we didnt get married when I was in US. We want to do it right so that we wont have problems in future. Since if my boyfriend meets the requirements, my baby can be born out of US to get USC. We are planning to give birth in Turkey since my boyfriends parents are living there. My question is if iits okay that we apply US passport for our baby in Turkey instead of in China ( I am Chinese). Thank you in advance.
  2. So is it possible for my baby to get USC if he is born aboard while I apply K1?
  3. Yes I entered under a B2 visa and was allowed to stay half year. Also I have checked the cost of birth in US, its so much more expensive than in China ( I am from China). Thank you so much for your reply.
  4. Hi thank you so much for your answer. I was visiting US with a 10-year B2 visa. And customs gave me half year when I entered US in May. The problem is now I am already 15 weeks pregnant. If I apply K1 now, my baby will be born before we get married. We want the baby to be born was because we want him to get USC right away. I didnt know its okay to born aboard. Could you please tell me when I can find the requirement of his father has to have so that the baby can be USC? Thank you so much again.
  5. Hi guys! First of all , thank you so much for spending time to read and answer my questions! I visited my US boyfriend with tourism visa on 14th, May ,2019 and left on 21st, Aug, 2019. During my stay, I got pregant. In order to give birth our baby legally , we are now planning to get married. My question is I have no idea which immigrant visa is better and faster for us. Because we want our baby to be born in US. I know I can give birth in US with my tourism visa , but I have stayed more than 3 months in US last time. I dont know if US customs will allow me to stay another 3 months to give birth. Also how long it will take to apply K1 and CR1? Thank you in advance.
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