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  1. mine is YSC. i didn't receiver biometrics appt yet. and i actually filed i-90 before i-751 because i lost my green card. i filed i-751 i got the letter telling me i got the 18 months extension but still my i-90 went thru and my new conditional card has been produced and they shipped it to me. i thought i-751 would cancel i-90. my i-751 is still saying case is received.
  2. hello, i sent my roc on september 20th didn't get biometrics appt. yet. i was checking the messages it looks like there is other people like me.
  3. thank you! you really relieved me. I just got message from uscis that they received my application and they pulled $680 from the bank. yay!
  4. thank you, i didn't cheat on him btw. I am "she". I was threatened with my immigration status and my life when i don't do what he asks from me and threatened with burning the house down (which is i bought with my settlement money from car accident, he didn't work) if we get divorce so i was in a desperate situation and i didn't make enough money to leave. no need to go into details. i have restraining order on him with lots of proof. i just didn't want to file with abuse option because i didn't want to complicate it. i thought i have enough proof to prove that i got into this relationship with good intentions.
  5. i am filing for it, should i write a letter about why we got separated and the abuse. I am just filing for the divorce waiver without the cruelty option. Help pls.
  6. yes i filled that part. he doesn't sign because i have restraining order on him... i put him in part 4 but not part 8.
  7. yes, so it should be empty? i did. it doesn't say anything about if you are divorced don't need to be filled, it says if applicable, so i just wanted to make sure.
  8. I got divorced last thursday. I am filing the i-751 now. I had a question about i-751. Spouses or individuals statement part. We are seperated i have injunction order on him so should i leave this part empty?
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