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  1. Great! Glad I could help. Good luck to you both. It's never a bad thing to over prepare, just word of advice. Great! Glad I could help. Good luck to you both. It's never a bad thing to over prepare, just word of advice
  2. Yes at the US Embassy in Guatemala it was required. But double check with your US embassy. And yes he brung his i864 as well. And all originals had to be taken to interview too.
  3. Hello VJers, My husband had his immigrant visa interview in Guatemala on October 31, 2019 in which he was told by the consulate officer that he was approved (no 221g slip was given.) CEAC has showed Ready with a last case update of Nov 4 and Nov 6 since then. However, today it has changed to Adminstrative Processing. I've heard this is normal and doesn't have time frames. Should we be expecting an issued status soon?
  4. Hello, My husband had an interview for his IR1 immigrant visa on October 31st 2019 in the U.S. embassy in Guatemalan. He was approved at the time of the interview. It has been 3 business days and CEAC still shows as ready and it does show case updated on November 4, 2019. But the status stayed on ready. Should I be worried?
  5. How long does it take for the visa passport to be sent out to the mail courier? My husband's IR1 visa was approved on Oct-31-2019. The status o ceac and travel docs website hasn't changed due to the fact that November 1st was a holiday in Guatemala.
  6. My husband had his interview today. We downloaded the signed Affidavit of support that we submitted to NVC. His immigrant visa was approved today. I think you only need a new signed one if it's been a year. The copy should be fine.
  7. My husband had his interview at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala today and he was approved. He left with an approved i-601a waiver, which was scary, but all went well thank God. We are currently waiting for his passport with the visa.
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