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  1. Going on two months waiting still... Here in DR right now, as it's looking like the dates just keep getting pushed back even more. For a 5 - 10 min interview (mst of the time) it sure is ridiculous it takes this long to schedule one.
  2. Yep my wife's case was complete 9/11 and still waiting so. Pretty sure end of jult/August CC's will get December interviews (hopefully). Then we SHOULD be lined up for January at the pace it has been going. Everything just depends on what's going on in SD which unfortunately unless you know someone on the inside we won't know for sure.
  3. Also, depending if you got VIP expedited service or not they'll usually say come in a week or two (normal processing) to get your passport. They don't usually contact. They just give you an estimated time.
  4. You need an acta inextensa of his BC which he can get in the local Junta of his town and it might have to be a day or two to get it back depending if they do it in SPM or they have to get I delivered from La Romana. Then you pay the taxes thing at banreservas and go to the main junta (probably La Romana in his case) for the passport process. Or SPM. I'm not familiar around those areas so idk which junta. I just know my wife had to get her legalized BC and Kay the taxes at banreservas
  5. Yeah, her Facebook was hacked a year or so ago and pretty much deleted. Just our luck lol. But I've heard the agents don't like to be overloaded with too much stuff. So I'm not too worried.
  6. No as long you have his BC and MC both acta inextensa. Which can be in Spanish I believe at the interview? Idk you'd know that lol. But yeah PC . Also, the BC and MC, you need original and a copy right? Luckily I'm going to DR next week for mini vacation so I can get some stuff done beforehand. I need to grab more photos with the wife cause literally all of my photos from out 5+ years together were on my old galaxy s6 and back in 2017 it got fried due to the electricity in DR and lost all our photos as evidence. Earliest I have is from 2016 🙄
  7. Yeah, it's just been stressing me out since where I work I can't add anyone to insurance (part time) plus I'm on medicaid right now (legally blind). But luckily I have an aunt who's a doctor in SD so she got me a hookup with her friend who's in charge of insurance stuff for humano for travel plans. So I'll probably just do a trimester plan from them or semester. Depends cause ou a visa open enrollment for marketplace will be well passed before she's even here. I've also heard they've blocked it for now, so it might not even be a question at the interview. I was originally thinking how's this possible to get insurance before even issuing you a visa. Most major companies you can't without a SSN first.
  8. Well, best of luck with everything. So other question. About the new insurance requirement within 30 days required after Nov. 3rd. Not assuming you don't have coverage to give him. But I'm just as confused as everyone else. I really don't wanna pay a year of travel insurance if I can just get my wife 30 day travel insurance and then once she gets her ssn, get something from marketplace. That part is stressing me out just a bit.
  9. Oh wow and he went which clinic? Well, that'll be a fun day for my wife when has her turn. 😂 Did he also go to VAC yet?
  10. Mm ok, yeah I've heard the main clinic by clínica Abreu is around 400 - 500 because they don't take the vaccination record there. The other clinic in Bella Vista supposedly does. But that's just word of mouth. I'd have to call. Cause obviously itd be cheaper to get vaccinations done beforehand and only have to do xrays, etc in SD.
  11. Do you have any idea how much the analysis is? I heard it varies and the price on the website isn't correct. My wife is thinking like $500+ USD. when I see others from 250 - 350.
  12. Bueno, en este grupo de fb fue publicado hace 10 horas. Así está mañana.
  13. Una con su caso completa el 25 de julio hmmm.
  14. Nope nothing yet,... As far as we know they have reached July 19th as per visa journey. Unless anyone can confirm an IL received after that date. That's the latest we can go by for now.
  15. Did anyone get any news this morning? Someone on another thread just now got their IL for Nov. 20 with CC July 19
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