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  1. Thank you. Now I re-think option 1(go back to home country to get document, then travel back) will be seen as visa fraud, as you suggest. will option 2 (missing document) cause problem too?
  2. I thought the change after 10/15 is from 100% to 125%. What is 5 year rule?
  3. Hi Paul & Mary, Thank you for your reply. if it's not the 10/15 public charge news, I never think about filing green card for her. The news coverage make me thinking after 10/15, the chance for her to get green card is getting slim. She visited US twice in last 8 years, purchased private insurance. never use any kind of aid/benefit. Now I re-think option 1(go back to home country to get document, then travel back) will be seen as visa fraud, as you suggest. How about option 2? Will it be seen as less fraud from USCIS perspective? I file green card for my mom while she stay in US, but the filing will miss supporting document (such as birth certificate). will missing support document problematic considered she can't travel for 3-9 months. it's a chicken-egg thing: she need to travel back to home country to obtain the birth certificate. Thank you for mentioning I-944, I have no idea where/how to obtain credit report for her. There is no such thing from my home country: 12 months of documentation pertaining to “cash assets” such as deposit accounts; Documentation of non-cash assets, such as real estate, that may be converted to cash within 12 months; Prior applications for public benefits; Documentation of approval for public benefits; Credit report; and Documentation of private healthcare Thank you again!
  4. Hi, since Trump's new immigration rule (public charge) take effect 10/15. my goal is to see if there is a way I can beat this date. I had green card for many years. my interview for citizenship is next week. not sure when I will become citizen. hopefully by 10/15. And I'd like to apply for green card for my mom immediate after. Mom visited me since July 1. To prepare some documentation (birth certificate etc), she must go back to home country. here are two options I am considering. Not sure if there were 3rd one. option 1) she travel back to home country this week. got all necessary documentation, and travel back to US. I file green card application for her. hopefully postmark the letter before 10/15. The challenge: my understanding is that there are two undocumented best practice: a) if mom visited US for 3 months then go back to home country, it's better to wait for 3 months before re-visit US b)once get back to US, it's better to wait for 2-3 month then apply for green card. are these valid? Option 2) I file for green card application for here with missing document (such as birth certificate). My hope is that if postmark of my mom's application is before 10/15, then new rule does not apply. Is that true? Mom still need to travel back to home country (either before or after 10/15) to obtain necessary document, then I mail it to the UCISC. The challenge of this option: 1) once mom leave US, it's unlikely she can re-entry before her application is approved. 2) UCISC might deny the application outright due to miss obvious document whether I will become citizen or not before 10/15 is questionable. What should I do? I almost feel I should just prepare all the necessary document, take whatever time it require. And don't try to "postmark before 10/15.
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