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  1. I recieved my package. It's in a yellow envelope. Mst I open it and grab the passport? How does it look inside. I havent opened it yet cause not sure what to expect or if I'm allowed 🤷‍♂️ any one knows?
  2. Yes. I even got a msg from embassy that postnord is very slow 😂
  3. Called postnord today. He said it arrived at my postal office store. Called postal office. Confirmed. My package is there. Today I'll pick it up and hopefully it's all in order. I recommend you call to the store its being delivered too. It should arrive today. Strangely they forgot to let me know or send me a msg.
  4. Fiance sent me her embassy documents I needed and it took 4 days 🤷‍♂️ unreal how useless they are
  5. 2019-09-09 02:11 Sverige Transport av forsendelsen er startet i avsenderlandet Turtle speed. Wanna bet they lost the package
  6. It has been more then 10 business days so the embassy gave it to me.. not sure what that does. But it's been in route since 09. Damn it's slow....
  7. Update. Got a tracker it left the postnord 09-09. Nothing else shows on the tracker. It looks like it will enter a postal office for pickup and not personal delivery
  8. I honestly found the us embassy in sweden awesome. So Kind and polite and nice. I felt calm since the people I spoke to was so nice.
  9. We talk daily. 2 times a day it's long calls cause she catches me on my way home from work and I catch her on her way haha. We had more then solid evidence, we aimed to prove without a shadow of a doubt it's legit. Not gonna be lazy when we wanna get married and love together. Gotta make the effort
  10. I was 5th in line to approach the window. She took my documents and asking questions ( not the interview) I sat down and 1 min later I was apparenlty first to be called up and he asked me how where and when and it was done. It was a breeze to be honest lol. I guess my documents was in order and my evidence solid. We provided over 40 pages of evidence Phone calls, hotels, movies, fb, chat logs. You name It. We had it.
  11. Sometimes I wonder if they use a horse and a carriage. Its redicilous how slow they are. Turtle makes it faster from point A to B
  12. Wait. You had yo recover all documents again too? Wow that sucks. It better not happen me too ;(
  13. Wow really? They lost your passport ? 🤦‍♂️ omg
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