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  1. Hello everyone from visa journey. I have a family of five and recently received immigrants visas from us embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and we have paid for all the green card and everything. but I have some problems and questions needed to clarify. Maybe someone here might be able to help me out. the problem is basically about personal assets that my family owns in Cambodia. We have quite a huge amount of asset here in Cambodia including house, personal savings account and cash. And we need to bring almost all of them to the United States. But I heard there is tax to everything in the US. I don’t know if all of our assets needed to be taxed as well or not? I did some research that in order to bring those assets to the United States, we must declare all of those assets to the government right after receiving the green card. What I do not understand is how do we declare all of those assets to the government? Is there any specific form for that? And after declaration, is it true that we are not needed to pay for the tax of those assets anymore? And later on in the upcoming year of our staying, if we receive more income from Cambodia (we rent our house), do all those income need to be taxed? Above are my questions and problems. Hopefully, someone can help me out. Thanks in advance :)
  2. Thanks for your advice. I have received the passport with visa stamped. And we don't receive any actual envelope; instead, we only have a note stapled on one page of the passport. And they advise us not to tear it. And I have also paid for the green card fee. Now, I'm ready to travel to the US. Again, Thank you for all of your advice. I really appreciate it.
  3. Thank you very much for your response! That explained a lots. Are those the only required step that I must take? Nothing else other than that right?
  4. Hello, everyone from Visajourney. I have a F4, family-based immigration case. We had our interview in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, since July 16, 2019. Recently, the CEAC status just changed from AP to Issued. We are planning to pick up the visa by Friday of this week (In Phnom Penh, Visa is only allowed to be picked up on every Friday). So, my question here is just to know, besides passport with visa stamp, what else should I be receiving along with the passport? I heard there is a sealed package thing, and we have a family of five, should each of us receive one sealed package (Total of five packages)? And is there anything else that we should be receiving? What else should I be expecting? Another question is, after receiving the visa, what is the next step? Is there anything else to do just before leaving to the US? Please help and share your experience. Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. The US embassy has just replied to my email, and set up an appointment on Tuesday in the afternoon. I guess this would mean the visa is likely to be approved? I heard that appointment in the afternoon are normally for collecting passport and issuing a visa. Am I right?
  6. But the thing is the consulate hasn’t asked for our passport yet since the first interview... and now it just changed to ready unexpectedly. This has scared me a lots.... PS: and before this change, the consulate has been asking for a joint sponsor, but we failed to provide it.. until recently we have found a suitable one, but the status has already changed to READY... wondering what does it actually mean and imply?
  7. Hi, I have a F4 case. And we had interview once Since July-16-2019 in US embassy based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The interview went well except the consulate requested for a joint sponsor for the case. We have submitted joint sponsors but they keep rejecting it due to low in income of the joint. And 2 weeks ago, I sent them an email stating that the main petitioner (My aunt), have a huge savings in bank account, and the saving amount is enough to petition for the case. And I asked them whether the savings can be used or not. And recently, I have just found another joint sponsor just in case; and I have submitted the document to CEAC platform before checking the CEAC status. While checking for the CEAC status, it's already changed from AP to Ready. What does this kind of situation mean? Does it mean the consulate doesn't need any joint sponsor anymore? And is my case going to be rejected? And do we need to have another interview? And the joint sponsor documents that are just newly-added, do I need to delete it from the CEAC when the status already shown READY? Please help!!! PS: The embassy hasn't responded to any email we sent two weeks ago, and I have sent another just to clarify the situation. But it might takes over a week just to wait for their response. So I posted it here instead. Help and assistance will be appreciated!
  8. I think I have taken the right form of tax transcript from the IRS now. But the problem right now is because the first joint sponsor's income for the most recent year (2018) is too low. (The reason for that is because he is moving the state and trying to find a new job in the new state, which lead to lower income). Fortunately, he found a new job now with a steady income now. Is it a good idea just to clarify to the embassy that he has a higher income now? I can try to submit the IRS form of 2016 and 2017 of his (Which is pretty high) plus the employment letter of his current employment in the CEAC. Is that a possible solution?
  9. Ahh I see! I guess they won't accept anything coming from a non governmental website then! Thanks for such a fast response. Appreciated.
  10. Just a short question regarding family-based immigration petition. For the joint sponsors, what kind of tax transcript is allowed? I have submitted a transcript received from the Turbotax, but the consulate still ask me for tax transcript. Does it have to be the 1040? Or the tax return transcript from IRS governmental website?
  11. In that saving account of my aunt's, it is not her retirement saving account. She has a separate one for that. The money in the saving account I provided to the consular is coming from the benefit from her last company since she has been working there for more than 10 years. That is the source of the assets. And even it is in the saving account, I think all of it is possible to be transferred to cash just within one year. I do not know why the consular won't accept it.
  12. Ahh, I see what you mean. I guess the consular is just not convinced with the current documentations I provided. In the current time being, I think I will just try to find a better joint sponsor just to fulfill the consular's needs. Thanks so much for your response.
  13. The bank statement, we put bank statements for almost a whole year (From June 2018 until April 2019). I think this much bank statement should have proved that the money in the bank is pretty steady, and we did not borrow it from friends just for immigration purposes right? And the evidence of current income, I'm not sure what is included in that category, but we put W2 for previous year, the deeds of two houses in the USA (For the domiciles requirement), Bank statement for the employment's wage direct deposit, and also the payslip from the employer plus the employment letter issued by the company my aunt working for. While for assets, we only include the bank statement of her saving account for the whole year only. I'm not sure if this is enough or not...
  14. For the petitioner, we submitted I-864, tax returns for 2016, 2017 and 2018, Bank statement (Which has five times the lacking income gaps), naturalization certificate, birth certificate and other optional documents such as pay slip, employment letter...etc While for the joint sponsors, we submitted I-864 with tax return for 2018 for both sponsors (The reason for only one year tax return is because the embassy did specifically say it's okay to just include one most recent years for each).
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