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  1. I think I have taken the right form of tax transcript from the IRS now. But the problem right now is because the first joint sponsor's income for the most recent year (2018) is too low. (The reason for that is because he is moving the state and trying to find a new job in the new state, which lead to lower income). Fortunately, he found a new job now with a steady income now. Is it a good idea just to clarify to the embassy that he has a higher income now? I can try to submit the IRS form of 2016 and 2017 of his (Which is pretty high) plus the employment letter of his current employment in the CEAC. Is that a possible solution?
  2. Ahh I see! I guess they won't accept anything coming from a non governmental website then! Thanks for such a fast response. Appreciated.
  3. Just a short question regarding family-based immigration petition. For the joint sponsors, what kind of tax transcript is allowed? I have submitted a transcript received from the Turbotax, but the consulate still ask me for tax transcript. Does it have to be the 1040? Or the tax return transcript from IRS governmental website?
  4. In that saving account of my aunt's, it is not her retirement saving account. She has a separate one for that. The money in the saving account I provided to the consular is coming from the benefit from her last company since she has been working there for more than 10 years. That is the source of the assets. And even it is in the saving account, I think all of it is possible to be transferred to cash just within one year. I do not know why the consular won't accept it.
  5. Ahh, I see what you mean. I guess the consular is just not convinced with the current documentations I provided. In the current time being, I think I will just try to find a better joint sponsor just to fulfill the consular's needs. Thanks so much for your response.
  6. The bank statement, we put bank statements for almost a whole year (From June 2018 until April 2019). I think this much bank statement should have proved that the money in the bank is pretty steady, and we did not borrow it from friends just for immigration purposes right? And the evidence of current income, I'm not sure what is included in that category, but we put W2 for previous year, the deeds of two houses in the USA (For the domiciles requirement), Bank statement for the employment's wage direct deposit, and also the payslip from the employer plus the employment letter issued by the company my aunt working for. While for assets, we only include the bank statement of her saving account for the whole year only. I'm not sure if this is enough or not...
  7. For the petitioner, we submitted I-864, tax returns for 2016, 2017 and 2018, Bank statement (Which has five times the lacking income gaps), naturalization certificate, birth certificate and other optional documents such as pay slip, employment letter...etc While for the joint sponsors, we submitted I-864 with tax return for 2018 for both sponsors (The reason for only one year tax return is because the embassy did specifically say it's okay to just include one most recent years for each).
  8. Oh, I guess that is why they would ask for a joint sponsor for my case. So here comes another question, normally, we can a maximum number of 2 joint sponsor. In my case, a family of 5, can one joint sponsor sponsor for 3 and second sponsor for 2? But we are intending to travel to the US at the same time. Can the first joint sponsor just fulfill the 125% annual income requirement of household size of 4 and the second one fulfill for household size of 3?
  9. For splitting up, I’m not sure if this would work. But I have asked a local attorney about this method, they said it’s not commonly used but it is POSSIBLE. And if splitting up wouldn’t work, so what is the point of having two joint sponsors? To have more assurance? What I’m not sure about splitting up is does each joint sponsor have to fulfill the income requirement of total household size (6) or only the income requirement of only the family members they are including in their i864? Yes, my aunt, she doesn’t have any family members. Same for the joint sponsors.
  10. I’m just wondering why would the consular asked our family for a joint sponsor while my aunt’s money is over five times the lacking income gap...! I read the requirement on income and how to use assets to substitute the gap. However, the consular still ask for it anyway. And another thing to mention is during the interview, the consular didn’t even mention anything about my aunt’s money, and they only mention that her income is too low. Normally, when they see a petition with low income, are they going to assume that he or she doesn’t have enough assets to substitute? Is this the reason that a joint sponsor is needed?
  11. Hello everyone on Visa Journey. My name is Andrew. I have a family of 5. My family has a family based immigrating case to the USA. In 2006, my aunt (My mom's sister) has filed a petition to the USCIS and was received. By the beginning of 2019, the NVC notifies us that they received the case from the USCIS, and we can begin submitting the required document to them. We have submitted everything including i-864, income tax of petitioner...etc. However, my aunt's annual income is not enough to sponsor a total household size of 6 (My family and her). But my aunt did have assets (Savings account bank balance) of over five times the difference between requirement 125% poverty guideline for 6 household members and her current annual income. All of that wasn't much of a problem. By May 2019, the NVC received and approved all the documents submitted, and they send the case to the US embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to schedule an appointment. We were being scheduled for an interview on July 16th 2019. We attended the interview. Everything seems to be fine at first until the consular requested for a joint sponsor in order to proceed to any further step. We have tried to convince the consular that we have a lot of assets; however, the consular still request for it anyway. I don't know why the consular won't accept the assets that my aunt has and still need the joint sponsor. Can anyone please provide me with any solution to this kind of situation? PS: I have tried to submit the i-864 for joint sponsor into the CEAC platform. We have found 2 joint sponsor. The first sponsor is responsible for sponsoring my mom, my older brother and me. While the second is responsible for my dad and my younger brother. Even the joint sponsors' income is over the 125% poverty guideline for household size of 4 (First joint sponsor + my mom+ my older brother+ me) and 3 (Second joint sponsor + my dad + my younger brother), the CEAC platform keeps rejecting the documents stating their income is not enough. Need help!!! Thanks in advance!
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