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  1. We called the USCIS office twice now and they said we got an approval in September. Still haven’t received a letter in the mail. Nervous that there was a mistake or that it wasn’t actually approved!
  2. Hmm that’s weird that it’s taking this long for us to receive it.. congrats!!
  3. So my fiancé called USCIS and they said our papers were approved September 23rd!!! We still haven’t received our letter though. How long did it take for anyone who got approved to get their letter in the mail?!
  4. I know. That’s what I’ve heard. But that’s ok. My RFE was recieved on August 28th.
  5. Maybe I’ll give them a call tomorrow. Praying for an approval. We found out we’re pregnant 4 months after sending in our original documents. Makes things a little bit more stressful now. It’s nice to see everyone getting approved though!
  6. Yes. That’s what I thought we were talking about. I’ve been waiting for my NOA2 which can take up to 60 days. I got my RFE notice in the mail before I got an update on the website. So I’m not sure how long that took.
  7. I heard it can take up to 60 days. Some are way luckier than others! I’ve been waiting close to 20 days. Best of luck!
  8. Ours was proof of meeting in the past 2 years! So I think the same thing. I’m nervous that maybe we still didn’t send enough but I guess we’ll find out soon!
  9. Congrats!! Hopefully ours is on the way! What was your rfe for?!
  10. Hey!! What was your RFE for ? If you don’t mind me asking.. hoping mine goes through as fast as yours!!
  11. RFE was received 08/28/19! Currently waiting for NOA2!
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