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  1. Thanks for the response! I moved from east to west coast so the jurisdiction is different. My interview is in 4 weeks so I'm thinking just go for it and offer to withdraw if the IO wants to deny at the interview. Worst case scenario I can reapply right. The interviews in my area takes more than a year and I guess I got the early interview due to distribution of cases to other offices in the region. How do I cancel the withdrawal request and let them know that I would like to attend the interview? Spoke to an attorney and she mentioned that one of her client was in a similar situation and IO did not consider it against the applicant. Her client was approved.
  2. Hi, I applied for naturalization soon after moving to a new state. At that time I did not know about the 3 month rule. Two months later when I realized this mistake I contacted the customer service and talked to IO. On the phone IO mentioned that it is a requirement and that I could be denied because of this rule. Based on the conversation I felt he was saying it may or may not go in my favor at the interview. He suggested best option is withdraw and reapply after the 3 month period is satisfied. So I did that, I sent a letter to the local uscis office that I would like to withdraw. It has been few weeks and I did not hear from them so I contacted the customer service through the messaging option on my uscis account. I received a reply that if my receipt starts with 'NBC' or 'IOE' I need to send the withdrawal request letter to the USCIS/National Benefits Center in MO. So I sent a second letter informing them about my request and also mentioned that I already sent a letter to the local office. After few days of sending the second letter my status was updated that my interview is scheduled and would receive a letter soon. I'm little confused now. Is there any way I can cancel the withdrawal letter and go for the interview? I second letter is still in transit. I read mixed reviews, on this forum, about the 3 month rule that it can be waved at the discretion of the IO at the interview. Also, one interesting this is I got this interview invitation less than 3 months after applying. Thats very unusual. Thank you all for any input!
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