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  1. Wow. Congratulations...finally I hear someone getting visa from Frankfurt embassy. Gives us hope too. Our ceac changed from "refused" to "administrative processing" few days ago. It says "mailed/available", so we shall see when it will change to "or" ...
  2. Do you know of anybody from banned countries who has gotten their visa issued from the Frankfurt consulate ?
  3. No. she had to send in other documents in addition to DS5535. Our ceac still shows refused but the embassy confirmed that she is in AP via email..
  4. Hi I have been following this thread for a while . My wife is Iranian citizen - CR1 and we did direct consular filing in Germany-US consulate Frankfurt. Her interview date was end of June 2019 and she was put in AP at end of August after she sent in some requested documents. I think that every embassy is different. I assume that since there are not too many travel ban cases in frankfurt, they put everybody there from travel ban countries in AP, otherwise my wife should have gotten her visa approved too when we sent in the requested documents in August since they had not put her in AP at that time yet, meaning her case was still at the consulate in Frankfurt until end of August. Also, a friend of mine had his interview in Ankara 2 weeks ago and he was put in AP. He told me that out of the 20 or so Iranians that were there that day, about 8 women only got their visas the same day , 2 or so women were denied, and out of the 10 or so men, some were put in AP and some were denied. (No men got visas the same day) I really hope that AP time is less now for everybody and that those who have been waiting for a long time get cleared soon..
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