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  1. Thanks for your response. Can I do my backfilling on my own or it's done only by a prepayerer? What would you recommend I should do file myself or approach a tax agent
  2. Hi friends , Quick help please . I am filing i-864 as a sponsor for my spouse and my brother is going to be the joint sponsor as I don't have a job at the moment. So do I need to file two i-864 ( one me as a sponsor and one my brother as the joint sponsor) or I need to add my brother's details in the original i-864 I am filing as the sponsor. I am confused because form i-864 has an option on the 1st page which says "I am the only joint sponsor" and we also need to fill a i-864a form since I am using his income for sponsoring my spouse. So it going to be i-864 (sponsor) + i-864(my brother's details)+ i-864a( my brother's financial details ) ?
  3. People in the post earlier said PCC is valid for 12 months from the date of issuance. So I did do the math based on responses
  4. Hearing conflicting views from people here and really want to thank all for their inputs... Can someone still confirm though that if we took PCC in Jan'18 which was valid for an year but left that country before PCC expired , then do we need a fresh PCC for immigrating to the US ..
  5. We took PCC in Jan' 18 and left Australia in Dec'18 .. Since we left Australia before his PCC expires should we take a new one .. really confused .. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your response guys . So we have taken an Australian PCC in 2017 while we were living there. Can we use the same one since we aren't living there anymore or we need to get a new one ?
  7. Hi Guys , I am filing i-130 for my spouse and we both live in India. I am also aware that we don't need PCC to file i-130. So we require PCC for my spouse at the next leg of the visa processing and my question is around the countries for which he would require PCC. We have been living in India for the past 9 months and he was living in Australia before that for 2 years . Does he also require PCC from Australian police as well or just the PCC from Indian Police would suffice? Any help is greatly appreciated .``
  8. thanks Paul . Since I have never filed the taxes before I am unaware of all the mandatory forms I need to send to file my current tax return and backfile my returns for 3 years. I am not sure if there is a link that would explain everything I need to do here but any help is appreciated.
  9. Hi guys, I am an American Citizen living outside the US for 18 years now and have been working for 4 years. I am filing i-130 for my spouse and will be moving to the US in the upcoming months. As a part of establishing my domicile I am trying to file my taxes online using turbotax wherein my US income is declared as $0 for the current year. After filling all the details, when I file my tax I am getting the error : You have a financial account in a foreign country, and that's just one of the reasons the IRS requires you to file Form 1040. Since I have never filed my taxes in the US, can someone help me with all the forms I need to fill and mail/post to IRS for my current tax. Also can someone tell me what forms I need to fill to backfile my taxes for the last 3 years.
  10. Yes seen that. Our major concern is establishing our domicile in the US because I have been in India for the past 20 years or so. Any help is greatly appreciated
  11. Hi guys , I’m looking to apply for an IR-1 for my spouse through the DCF process and would really appreciate it if you could guide me in the right direction and let me know if I am eligible for the DCF process. I am an American citizen of Indian origin (holding American passport and OCI card). I shifted from the US to India in the year 1999 and I have done the majority of my schooling and college in India. I also worked in India from 2014-2017. I got married to an Indian citizen in 2017 and was temporarily living in Australia (June 2017- Nov 2018) and came back to India in Nov 2018. It has been 9 months since I returned and I have been working in India for the past 3 months. So basically I have lived in India for more than 18 years and now I am looking to move back to the US with my husband. My brother (also a US citizen) has been living in the US for the past 5-6 years and he will be my joint sponsor. Questions: 1. Am I eligible to file a IR-1 for my husband through the DCF process in India? 2. What should I do to establish U.S domicile ? Is having a bank account alone sufficient or I should have more evidences ? I would really appreciate any help. Thank you.
  12. Is it one of the above mentioned or more than 1 actions to establish my domicile ?
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