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  1. I’m confused on why the lady at the uscis on the phone didn’t tell him that. But okay I’m gonna tell him that. I hope it was that simple cuz we been going crazy thinking about it haha. All we want is to be together. Shouldn’t be this damn hard haha. Thank you so much!!!!!
  2. You mean he should write it himself? Cuz he asked his lawyer but his lawyer is not helping. He’s trying to hire a new one but the other lawyer need more info about his case.
  3. Arrested for possession of marijuana. He bailed and is currently waiting on court day and etc. all the people he called told him they don’t have any records. That is still pending. So silly of the uscis to ask for that. I still don’t understand hah. They also told him hat he should ask his lawyer to write him a letter. So did the lady at the uscis. Something like that. This is really annoying. Thanks for replying btw!!
  4. Hello guys. I really need some help here. I’m new to this forum so i don’t know if I’m doing this right haha. My fiancé is American and I’m Brazilian. He got arrested last year in December and is still waiting for his court day. He filled out the k1 visa process and got an RFE saying they need some proof of his criminal records and if it’s pending or not. But he has been calling so many people and nobody helped him. Saying they don’t have anything cuz he never went to court. Aka didn’t happened yet. Our deadline is getting closer. I’m scared. What should we do? Btw his lawyer the one they gave him from the government said he can’t do anything about it. I’m desperate you guys. Please some help or advice. 🥺
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