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  1. Latent Tb in itself should not show up in sputum. There is a 5-10% lifetime chance of reactivation of latent Tb to become active pulmonary Tb (which shows up in sputum) . Theoretically, once you have been adequately treated for latent Tb, your chance of Tb in sputum would be low. Unless, you were subsequently exposed to someone with pulmonary Tb. Thank you!
  2. Hi Hank, thanks for responding. I’m aware of the sputum test and the culture test but I’m wondering if there’s anyone who underwent treatment but still came out positive when they did the sputum at slec? I just finished a 6-month treatment in July (only 2 months ago) and my pulmonologist said I don’t have tb because there was no change in my xray results. But after reading the cdc guidelines that if ever one tested positive, has to wait a year after the last treatment to start another treatment with slec. Which is a bit scary bec if it happens to me Then I have to wait another 18months before I get cleared. I’m just curious to know if it’s possible to be positive even after a recent tb treatment. I’ve tried looking for answers online but couldn’t find anything like that but still I get paranoid just thinking about it.
  3. I tried looking for answers online but I could not find anything similar to my case. I am aware I have lung scar - I learned about it when I was still a teenager but did not bother to have it checked/treated. So every time I undergo xray testing that scar (same size) shows. Now my husband asked me to get medical certificate But the pulmonologist said she would not give me the certificate unless I undergo treatment since I could not present any old xray. I was treated for 6 months and finished only this July. Had another xray and still showed the same result. I thought everything was okay until I decided to check online and dang! I didn’t know that it would cause more delay if the culture test at SLEC turns out positive 😓 My children already had their medical and they didn’t have any problem with IGRA. So I’m pretty sure My test would not turn out positive, would it? Because if I have then they would’ve been exposed already. I’m still waiting for my interview schedule but I can’t help but to get anxious about it. Has anyone experienced it or does anyone know who has the same situation as mine? thanks!
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