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  1. Just an update for anyone finding themselves in similar situation in future: I got my F1 visa approved, and re-entered the US with no issue whatsoever.
  2. Thank you for your opinion! That definitely makes sense. I also just searched up visajourney and found out that there were at least 2-3 people who was in the same situation and successfully renewed their F1. At least I am not absolutely hopeless now. Still looking into the CR1 process though.
  3. I indicated on DS-160 that I am married to a US Citizen and provided her address/contact info. I also indicated that NO petition for relative has been filed. No lies there. And it is an inside joke between me and my wife
  4. I am graduating with a Master degree this December (when I-20 expires). We have a family emergency and I was forced to fly back to my home country a few days ago. Since my F1 visa expired for more than a year already, I need to do an interview to renew it. I have my i-20 with signature, unofficial transcript, and a few bank statements to prove funding. Normally, I wouldn't worry about a thing as I have renewed my F1 visa every time I came home during breaks, but I got married over the summer to a U.S. citizen. We have not filed for I-130. I did provide information about my marital status and my spouse on my DS-160, and indicated that nobody has ever filed a relative petition. My priority is still finishing my degree then my wife and I will move to my country for a few years. I understand there is a chance my F1 visa might be rejected. Is it definite? What documents/evidence can I bring with me during the interview to increase my chances? TIA!
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