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  1. Yes, i read a lot stuff online and also i got in touch with my congressman now because I got rfie and it slowed down my case
  2. Hello, somebody’s with this type of email after expedite request with Congressman? If yes, how long after receiving this email do you received your EAD? Please share your timeline if u want. Thanks for the attention. Here what the email says: “Thank you for your inquiry regarding this constituent's immigration matter. This case will be routed for expedited processing. Once this case is reviewed, your constituent will receive a decision or notice of further action. Due to the extremely high volume of expedite requests for this case type, there are numerous cases involving exigent or humanitarian issues already in the expedite queue, and we are unable to provide a specific timeframe for the expedited review. The strict enforcement of the expedite criteria means that all cases sent for expeditious handling are urgent, and we assure you that this case will be adjudicated as soon as possible."
  3. Hello everyone! So I submit a inquiry about my case been out processing time and I received this message: “Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action shortly.” If someone had received that message after how long y’all received the EAD card/approved case? Thanks for reading. Good luck everyone! 🤞🍀 ps: I expedite (even if its out processing time) because i have a job offer and i asked for Congressional help.
  4. The appointment it’s for something different. Sorry, I should’ve specified.
  5. Hi everyone, tomorrow i have an infopass appointment and I would like to know if i can expedite my case at my visit. (I have good reasons so please don’t start saying stuff like “what makes you so special that you need to expedite?” ) Good Luck everyone! 🤞🍀
  6. ok, got it! Thanks so much again for your time!
  7. My husband makes more that what it says in the guide. Do you think its still a problem? Thanks for answering my question and your time
  8. Thanks for your time on answering my question!
  9. I sent an inquiry as well and still I don’t get answers
  10. I know its not me writing a job off, maybe I explain my self wrong. I intended that if i have a job offer how should look like? What uscis need? Just a signature? A contact?
  11. I sent an expedite request like 4 months ago, now i read i can you a job offer for expedite. Anyways I applied for that together with my gc in march.
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