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  1. Thanks, so the message is just the same content as the email? Got it, does it say anything other than what's already in the email? Thanks!
  2. For everyone with DQs, are you able to open that one message in the CEAC system notifying you of the DQ? I tried to open it and waited for a while but no message loads below. If it's just a message notifying me of the DQ I'll stop trying...
  3. Reporting another DQ today!! First and only submission 2/20, DQ today. So happy to see all the Feb submissions being approved these past couple of days. I know there are people submitted before me still waiting and how hard it can be seeing people submitted days, weeks, months after you to get DQ'ed before you and not knowing what is going on. Hang in there Feb submissions! It seems like NVC is working in somewhat of a normal order now, so any day now!
  4. Submitted in Feb and no updates so far. It's so depressing to see NVC giving out DQs all over the place. We also tried calling and basically got told "I don't know what you are talking about, just shut up and wait in line." I do wonder, should we try to add some additional documents on CEAC to shake the dust off our files? Might risk to be put to the back of the line (as if we are not currently at the back of the line lol). Are there any additional actions we can take other than calling?
  5. Thanks for the info, how did you get the Sept estimate?
  6. Yeah baby steps. Right now just hoping for an estimate on when the posts get "remaned". 😅
  7. Thanks for the information. Does that mean there were talks about US diplomats planning to come back in May?
  8. Perhaps this has been discussed, but I wonder what the impact is for cases that are currently "processing". Since the majority of CR1/IR1/K1 cases take more than 60 days to process, will USCIS/NVC/embassies continue to process cases? A subset of these visa holders can't immediately enter under the suspension, but the visas give people a 6 mo grace period to enter, so presumably people can wait out the suspension and enter? I know a lot is up in the air at the moment, but hopefully everyone's life is not too disrupted by this.
  9. Congratulations!! You have been waiting for so long and done so much for fellow members on this forum. Idk the answer to your question but I assume you can contact NVC to correct it. Plus the NVC stage takes 2 months+ so I hope everything can be sorted out when you get DQed!
  10. Hi there, thank you for the info. Is a tax return sufficient for interviews or do I need to bring all the other forms (w-2s 1099s etc)? I know for NVC approval tax transcripts are preferred over tax return, but I worry if I file my 2019 tax close to the interview date IRS won't be able to process a transcript for me in time.
  11. My understanding is that typically we need to bring our tax return from last year to the interview if it's after Apr 15th. I'm assuming that this year we only need to bring one if we interview after Jul 15th? Meaning that we don't need to rush to file today for immigration purposes. Are there any rules from USCIS that requires the latest tax return after Apr 15th regardless of IRS deadline? Thank you!
  12. Sorry this is happening to you. I haven't encountered this but have seen many others having technical issues with the website. Your best bet is to wait and try again unfortunately.
  13. Not expecting for DQ soon but if I get it on April Fools Day I won't complain.
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