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  1. I just realized for this question (the beneficiary's address in native written language if it's not in Roman letters), I put in the native language everywhere except for 58.f, country. Is this a big deal? Do I need to do anything proactively since I already filed the I-130? I really hope this wouldn't result in a stupid RFE. Thank you!
  2. Thank you all for the helpful information on here! It's a stressful time for both of us, and I'm grateful to hear all the inputs.
  3. Got it, this is super informative and exactly what I'm looking for, thank you!
  4. No - I was wondering about asking for an expedite with her medical being the main reason (and the burden on me). I don't know if USCIS will look at the expedite request and automatically categorize her as public charge, whether USCIS approves the request or not.
  5. Got it, thank you, this is the answer I'm looking for. I understand that our situation might very likely not lead to an expedition, but I want to make sure that if we still decide to ask, the request itself won't put her in a position as public charge, whether the expedition is approved or not.
  6. Without too much details on a public forum, it's a bioposy for a previously abnormal test result. So it's less routine than a mammo. And yes I understand that it might not be grounds to expedite our case, which we are fine with, because I will be with her no matter where she is if she indeed needs treatment. But I will be able to care for her better in the US, so we want to try to expedite. My main concern is raising the potential medical issue with USCIS will kill her chance of getting here due to public charge. Whether the expedition is approved or not is not the main concern rn...
  7. Yes, we knew about school but just got the note from her doctor yesterday which is causing both of us a lot of distress. Aren't we all trying to be with our spouse ASAP?
  8. Thank you. I understand it can potentially be a huge amount which is why I'm wondering if we can prove that we can get medical insurance for her, would that suffice?
  9. My wife received a letter from her US doctor (she is stuck abroad rn and I'm the USC) that she needs to come in asap to screen for cancer. Would this be something we can raise to USCIS for an expedite on our case? I understand that I need to prove a burden on me if the case is not expedited, but I'm worried that if we raise this point, USCIS might think of my wife as a medical burden to the US and actually harm her visa application? (We will be able to prove that we can get medical insurance or pay for her treatments out of pocket IF the screen shows adverse results.)
  10. Thank you for the input. I read somewhere that in some cases the I130 was pulled out of line because of the I129 but never put back (so basically that the I129 PD essentially became their new PD, which is often at least a month later). If this is not the case then sounds like the I129 is definitely worth trying.
  11. Hi board, After studying up the posts, it seems like most recent posts mention that filing an I-129f could potentially expedite the approval of an I-130. However, there are also earlier posts that says the exact opposite and how the I-129f might slow down the I-130 by a significant time, especially there's a time lag between the filing dates of the two petitions. Does that mean it's a better idea to file the I-129f at the same time as the I-130 to the Chicago lockbox together? This way we avoid the gap between I-129f and the I-130 petition dates. Do we know the impact of filing an I-129f at centers other than NSC? I see people mentioning tracking spreadsheets floating around, where can I find these? Thank you all!
  12. Hi everyone, new to the board but want to get a reality check on our chances of expediting our I-130 application. My wife has been admitted to one of the top graduate programs in the US and must enroll next fall before the offer expires. We have also paid thousands of dollars of deposit to the school. However, based on current I-130 processing times it's highly unlikely that she can obtain a visa in time for school. So I wanted to see if losing the one and only chance for her to attend this program, which is crucial for her career, as well as the financial loss for us would suffice as grounds for expedition? Thank you for your inputs!
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