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  1. I had my medical a day after my interview. I called the Embassy and doctor's office to make sure I can do that, and they agreed. It wasn't a big deal.
  2. Hi guys! Anyone succesfully arrived to the US from the Schengen area as a spouse of US citizen? What kind of documents I have to take with me to make sure that they will let me in? I was thinking about the marriage certificate, a copy of my husband’s birth certificate and passport, maybe some wedding photos too? Any information is very appreciated! ❤️
  3. Thanks, I tried that but to no avail. Tried on two laptops, few different browsers, with compressing the file, removing the special characters from the file name, etc... ...but finally did it! I connected to the Internet with faster upload speed. So I'm posting this comment in case it will be helpful in the future for someone who's looking for solution.
  4. Did you managed to submit it eventually? I have the same issue, also stuck on "sending response" and I wonder if it's temporary thing or I should do something to help it get through?
  5. Hi guys! Today we got a RFE about missing beneficiary’s signature on Form I-130A. As far as I’m concerned (and it’s even written on the top of the form), the signature is not required when spouse lives abroad, and that’s our case. Did you guys had similar situation? Is that a mistake we can discuss with an agent and correct it over the phone, or we need to send the response to RFE anyway? Any help is appreciated
  6. Hi guys, all of it is a bit confusing. I'm doing a lot of research but I still have some unresolved questions regarding this new DS-5540 form and I hope you can help me with that? I’m a beneficiary of CR1 visa currently living abroad and I never worked in US. So what I should write in part 4 of the DS-5540 form, since it asks about U.S. federal tax and IRS transcript? Should I put 0 (never worked in US), or enter my income I earned in my country for the past 3 tax years? Another question about the insurance after I enter the US: will the tourist insurance be sufficient?
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