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  1. can someone help me with my questions please. what are the steps to make k visa interview?
  2. For k1 fiancé to make an interview I go to https://usvisa-info.com/ then what do I do next I am so lost please help? How do I know it went through and how do I check if did it right? do they respond me back? please help!!!!!
  3. 1. I got his letter from the embassy my fiancé where he is going to be interviewed. Can somebody tell me exactly what this means Please. I already sent the DS-160 Form online. However was I supposed to send any document with it is yes how the application was online form. I am so confused please explain me if any of you have completed K1 fiancé in the past or now. Thanks 2. Does my fiancé have to compel ALL THE VACCINE prior to the interview?? can he do it when he do it during his medical exam??? please help. Thanks
  4. I am bringing my fiancé from Italy, Rome with K1 Fiancé case and I now I have to fill the I-134 Form (the affidavit of support). Do I have to present a current balance available in my saving account? Do the they ask that? Please help. Anybody ever presented such thing?????
  5. who exactly would write for "employment Letter" ? Also my current balance doesn't matter? Would they want to know how much I got in there? Please help I am so worried about that. Thank you very much. These are what I am concerned about ----Statement from an Officer of the bank or other financial institutions with deposits, identifying the following details regarding the account *Date account opened *Total amount deposited for the past year *present balance *date and nature of employment *salary paid *whether the position is temporary *copy of last income tax return field ---Failure to provide evidence of sufficient income or financial resources may result in the denial of the foreign national's application for a visa or his or her removal from the United States
  6. I am bringing my fiancé from abroad with K1 fiancé visa. The embassy has required me to show income proof that I can support him here. I worked with the state over 10 years but still is hard to save money in the bank. What is going to happen to us if they say I have insufficient money in the bank? what other proof would satisfy my case in order for my fiancé to come. Please Help meeee.. Thanks
  7. when filling DS-160 visa application for K1 fiancé case, do I have to upload picture on the confirmation page or it optional? if it is required how do I do that??? Please Help. Thanks.
  8. Is it ok/possible help my fiancé fill out DS-160 Visa application? and he signs it in the end? Please help me. Thanks
  9. 1. My case is K1 fiancé, I am filling out DS-160 visa application online, is uploading photo required on the application? 2. what is the hardest question of the DS-160 visa application? 3. Do I have to finish the application without break? If not how do I continue to finish it? Please Help Thanks
  10. 1.Is the sample visa application questions same as the real visa application question? 2. Is ok to leave the spouse question section since our case is k1 fiancé case?
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