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  1. Thanks, so that means that I can go to the interview in the US embassy at Germany.
  2. I'm a resident in Colombia but I'll go soon to Germany to be an au pair for a year, my boyfriend who is an American citizen and me want to get married and I wonder if while I am at Germany being an Au pair I can apply for the k1 visa. Pd: 90 days past your entracy to Germany as an Au pair you get a residence permit of one year.
  3. They just want me to stay with them for like two weeks to know the country. I don't know if an au pair visa could work for that since it's not through a company and its a very short time
  4. Hello, I want to apply for a tourist visa, the thing is that I already applied in May of this year but it got denied because I don't have strong ties to this country, I am Peruvian but I've been living here in Colombia for more than 10 years with my mother and she works independently in her own clothing brand. I am currently a college student and with money that my grandpa gave me I traveled the last month to Germany by myself for a week (that money was meant to be for my trip to the US), in that trip I met a family of 3 from Chicago that stayed at the same hotel as me and went to the same tours as me too, we got along pretty well and they want to invite me now to the US where they live. I want to apply this month here in Colombia to visit them in November (where I have my break from college) before Christmas so I can spend holidays in Peru with my family. They want to give me an invitation letter specifying how we met and that they want me to visit them. I'm 21 years old. Is it very unlikely to have my visa accepted since it got denied a few months ago but I went to Germany and I got back to my country of residence? An invitation letter would help? The last time that I applied I had hotel reservations, a letter from my University saying how much my degree program last and bank receipts to prove that I have enough money and financial history of that, the consult didn't ask me for them, she just saw my passport and by that time I only had seals from Colombia, I think I have a better chance now because I have a seal from a first world country (the entry and exit seal from the European Union). In the last interview I said that I didn't met anyone in the US but the second degree cousin of my mom that I haven't talked to in years. (Should I put in my application that I have family there?) Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi! How much time lasted the process from the time that you started to fill the application to the time that she got her visa? Also, for how long do you know each other? I'm from Colombia too and my fiance and I plan to get the k1 visa for me. He lives in Chicago and he wants to go to the interview in Bogotá with me, that's allowed?
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