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  1. A user of this forum who is a cast member on the fictional “reality” show 90dayfiance was found through a google search of a deleted Instagram name. Someone thought it was a good idea to screenshot all of that users posts and then post them to r/90dayfiance. Just be careful when posting your information for your own protection.
  2. May I ask why you are doing a K1 visa rather than marrying and doing a spouse visa? He would be able to continue to live and work in Canada and accrue time (if he needs it from your other post.) He will be able to work immediately when he comes to the US.
  3. Maybe schools will start telling grads not to work for these companies. Though I guess students should know that 3rd party placements aren’t allowed. If this student hadn’t left to get married, they probably would have been fine to finish STEM OPT. Probably would have had an issue if he came back after that, but who knows. The government needs to go after these companies. This approach if just finding people at the border seems haphazard at best.
  4. I think the story is that he did that under his initial OPT visa and then had a different job under the STEM OPT visa.
  5. Yes I know that’s true. Anecdotally people are saying that more scrutiny is being given to F1 and OPT visas.
  6. If you are meeting again in person, can you do another wedding and get a certificate of your marriage? I’m not an expert. My best advice is to say you found out the proxy marriage isn’t valid in the US so you did another ceremony. I’m not sure why you didn’t do that the first time. i don’t know if your marriage certificate in Pakistan will hurt your case if it’s not a legal marriage in the US. You are better off not relying on that proxy marriage and your Pakistan certificate as evidence of your marriage.
  7. I saw this in r/immigration and I thought people might be interested in the information. I’ll copy the post but the consensus seems to be that the OP had worked a couple of months more than a year ago for a third party company . I’m not actually sure what happened. I was denied entry to US on f1 STEM OPT at Canada airport US CBP and my visa was terminated. u/liquidf4ntasy21h I was questioned and reviewed for 12+ hours and they terminated my f1 visa and I’m flying back to India. Will update soon as I’m still flying! What a way to begin the new year. Yes I’ve been working since 1.5yrs on STEM. It was because I had submitted a offer letter from a consultancy during my initial opt for a couple of months so I could find a job. They reviewed all of my offer letters, my pay stubs, even demanded to see if the money was actually deposited in my bank account (I opened my bank account on my phone and showed them the statements too). Seized my phone/laptop for more evidence. Edit: also said that they had more time to interrogate and I was not going to enter US in any way. here’s the link to the original post:
  8. Living together for a year is different than what most people have as evidence. You should be fine with the evidence you mention because it’s real.
  9. No harm applying but I assume you will be traveling with the entire family? All her primary reasons to return will be coming with her to the US. Im hoping your retirement visa and long term residence will help you. Please let us know the result. Good luck.
  10. Good luck OP. As you know the issue you face is that immigration intent is assumed and the applicant has to disprove it. The more ties a person had to the US, the more likely it seems that they might stay. It’s sad that relatives can’t see family but that’s just not enough. The number of people who come to the US and overstay seems high. Marriage to a US citizen cures the overstay so it can be an attractive option to stay, even though that doesn’t apply to you. I know it’s hard to believe but I recently met a woman who left a baby and husband behind years ago to stay in the US. She didn’t see her son for 12 years. I’m only mentioning it so you know that people make the choice to overstay even when they have compelling ties. i had an immigration judge as a teacher. Even as a judge he was unable to initially get a visa for his mother to visit from Argentina. He had to work through people he knew to help her get a visa. In doing that he sent a letter that he would support her, but that was only through the contacts he had.
  11. He can go to an urgent care doctor and get prescriptions filled. Hopefully he has insurance to cover it.
  12. I have friends who married spontaneously on a visitors visa. It all worked out. Just to point something out : She had to stay for the entire process which took over a year. She couldn’t work or so much of anything, that was difficult for her, even though she was planning a long visit on her visa. She had visited after a contract job that just ended. Her mom took care of getting her documents, etc. They ended up traveling a lot. They filled out the forms on their own but got a request for evidence even using the guides here. If you fill out the forms yourself do it carefully. Good luck.
  13. You will have more than an uphill battle. Everything about your relationship looks like fraud. Marrying on the first visit makes it worse.
  14. Here are the issues: 1 Your friend as a USC can petition for his parents as an immediate relative. Because they entered illegally, they will have to leave the country for their interview. Once they leave the country they will have a 10 year ban for overstay. 2. The brother has the same issues, except he is not an immediate relative. That means he has to wait until his preference category becomes current, which for siblings is about 20 years. 3. The brother can marry a US citizen but will still need to leave the US. He may be able to get a hardship waiver, but it’s difficult.
  15. It may take getting before an immigration judge to sort this out. I can’t see anyone else having the ability to deal with all the issues in your application. But I’m not sure how you will do that from outside the US as she will be in Mexico. There may be a way since you are a USC living here. It’s gong to be long and expensive and she still may not win. Is there a 3rd country you both can live in? edit to add: Dont waste time in a visitors visa or another K1. If you want to get married with the risk you may not ever be together in the US, then just go ahead and get married in Mexico if she is allowed to legally marry there.
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