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  1. OP - you have created a lot of problems for yourself by violating a court order twice. See if you can get the charges dropped, but I’m not sure you have anything to negotiate for a better deal. Try to find a lawyer who understands the immigration implications of your criminal cases. Be aware that you are deportable now and be careful in your actions.
  2. Lots of people fail. Don’t get discouraged. Just try again.
  3. Just be careful of how much time you spend out of the country. You can be considered to have abandoned your status if you are gone too much. You may be questioned at the border as well about many trips back to your former home.
  4. I didn’t want to discourage you but wanted you to know about biology degrees here. Sounds like you figured that out on your own. Good of luck with everything.
  5. You should look at other college curriculums as I can tell you that you are incorrect in thinking you have more labs. Yes, it was extreme to volunteer for a year to get a job - but it happens. Just giving you an example of how difficult it was to get a coveted position in a small internationally known hospital based research lab. They are allowed to do this legally under US labor laws. Don’t underestimate the number of biologists in North Carolina- a small state with highly regarded research universities turning out grads every year.
  6. Also, her traveling all those places alone to visit friends might be seen as more evidence of a single lifestyle than a couple. She could easily have just been seeing you as a friend as well.
  7. What evidence of your relationship did she bring besides photos? Photos without chat logs or correspondence don’t mean much. Sounds like they want more proof of a relationship. Doesnt the 221g have a date on it?
  8. At least the family will be together for the baby. They are lucky it worked out for them.
  9. I think you were questioned on your new ESTA because once you divorced you became a single woman visiting a guy in the US. On your old ESTA you were a married woman on short visits with a strong tie to Germany. After that difficult admission you stayed the maximum length of time and then want to return within months of leaving. i am guessing you should at least be prepared for questioning and possible denial at the border. I hope it all works out for you.
  10. I had no idea - like it seems a lot of people did in this thread- that if the OP becomes a citizen during the visit then the visiting mother could adjust status while here on a tourist visa. It makes sense under the law, I just hadn’t seen that scenario presented. Good luck! I hope the timing works out for you!
  11. Not to discourage you at all, but there are a high number of bio grads here in the US looking for entry level work. Some gave up on medicine as a career or are working for a while. It can be competitive to get jobs. just do a lot of research. my friend had to work as an unpaid volunteer for a year before she got a job in a prestigious hospital based medical research lab. The competition for jobs are steep and hospitals as not for profit institutions are allowed to have unpaid volunteers for a year under current labor laws. She only got the interview for the volunteer job through family connections. After that she proved her dedication by working unpaid for a year before being offered a full time position. There may be jobs like med techs or pharmacy assistants you could get? You need to do a lot of research. Sorry I do t know more about where to start. Maybe local hospitals or companies in the area you will be moving.
  12. I don’t know where you learned that biochemists and microbiologists have little lab experience in the US. I can’t speak for every university but it is typical for every biology, chemistry and physics class - outside of purely theoretical high level classes- to have a lab every week. The lab course is usually registered separately as an additional 1 credit class to the main course. Maybe that is where the confusion arises? Many grads do required senior projects that involve independent lab work as well. i have no idea how your degree will translate. As for credentials, you would mostly be looking at getting an advanced degree, though that isn’t something you should pursue until you know the job market.
  13. Rose711

    B1 denied

    Interesting. I guess 6 years between applications, becoming a UK citizen and developing other ties to the UK was enough. So if the reason a visa is denied is lack of ties, it looks like with time and building ties, a visa can be approved. Thanks for the information.
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