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  1. I have a question so I’m sponsoring my husband When I file taxes for 2018 my cousin and her two kids where staying with me with no job so I was there supporter for that year I claimed my two little cousins on my taxes for 2018 but they moved out the end of 2018 But I know UScis wants your last transcripts and that information is on there but They know longer live here how will I be able filing the i864 and they don’t live here anymore I make enough without them on there but with them two kids on there I would not make enough to cover his 125% can I get a certified letter from her stating when she moved out and I help her financially and that I have permission to claim her two kids I was there provider for the 2018 year or should I just get one of my older daughters that’s willing to be a joint sponsor to help me joint sponsor him and with a joint sponsor my daughter she only has the sponsor at certain amount right
  2. When filling out forms i130,i130a,485,&864 do you need passports photos for me and my husband for all of the forms
  3. Hello when filling out the forms if a question doesn’t apply to me or my husband do we put n/a instead of leaving it blank
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