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  1. One final (hopefully) update on my wife’s naturalization process. We were notified yesterday that an action had been taken on her case and when we logged into her USCIS account, we saw a N-445 that her naturalization ceremony has been scheduled for June 16 in Grand Rapids, MI. So happy this process is finally coming to the end of the road! (1) submitted N-400 application online - 9/20/20 (with I-751 still pending) (2) notified that biometrics would be reused from I-751 application - 10/28/20 (3) received notice in USCIS account that interview had been scheduled in Detroit - 3/8/21 (4) had N-400 & I-751 combo interview in Detroit - 4/14/21 (both applications approved)*also received notice 2 days later in USCIS account that I-751 had been officially approved, but she would not receive a 10 year green card since her N-400 application had been approved and she had been placed in line for naturalization ceremony. (5) received notification that naturalization ceremony has been scheduled - 5/7/21 (6) scheduled to have naturalization ceremony in Grand Rapids (with name change) - 6/16/21
  2. My wife used this study guide from the USCIS website: https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/questions-and-answers/100q.pdf. They also have versions available in other languages in case that helps people in their studying: https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/find-study-materials-and-resources/study-for-the-test. Good luck all!
  3. An update on our process. My wife had her combo I-751 (pending since 9/20/19) & N-400 (pending since 9/20/20) interview yesterday in Detroit. She had a great experience overall and both applications were approved in less than 30 minutes total. She said the USCIS officer was super nice and that everything was super easy. She made some small talk with the officer about the weather and the city where we live (which happened to be where the officer had attended college). At the end of the interview, my wife received a paper saying she passed and that she will now be placed in line for an oath ceremony. She is changing her name with her naturalization so we don't know if this affected (or will affect) the amount of time she has to wait for her ceremony. Her questions at the N-400 interview related to the civics test were: (1) What is the supreme law of the land? (2) Who lived in America before the Europeans arrived? (3) Who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives? (4) What is the capital of your state? (5) Name one war fought by the US in the 1800s? She also had to read and write a sentence, but she didn't remember exactly what they were. All she remembered is that they were both pretty easy (one note is that she was an English teacher in China so her English skills are pretty good). Also a quick work on the time estimates in USCIS account. When we first applied, my wife had an estimated time to approval of April 2021 (which ended up being exactly what happened), but during the time we waited to hear when her interview would be, her estimate changed many times. At one time or another, it was listed as July 2021, November 2021, August 2021 and September 2021, so I would encourage people to not put too much faith in these estimates. Good luck everyone with your interviews and processes, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for you!
  4. Hi all: I wanted to share some news that my wife’s Citizenship interview has been scheduled! We filed online on Sept 20 with our I-751 still pending. Local office is Detroit and we received our biometric reuse notification on Oct. 28. We logged into our USCIS account this morning and saw that a document for “interview scheduled” had been uploaded on March 8. Her interview is scheduled for April 14. We have not received the hard copy of the letter yet, but we are very happy that things are moving forward! Good luck to all.
  5. A little update on my wife’s N-400 application (applied online on 9/20/20). After checking our USCIS online account, I saw that yesterday (10/28) we received a notice that the biometrics from her still pending I-751 (from Sept. 2019) will be reused for her N-400 application. Our USCIS online account has April 2021 as the estimated completion date for our N-400. Happy to see some movement and to see that we don’t have to drive to one of the offices for the biometrics at least!
  6. Hi fellow September filers. We filed my wife’s Citizenship application online on Sunday (9/20). We also have our I-751 still pending at MSC (19917...) It’s been a long process, but we’re excited to begin the last step. Good luck all!
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