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  1. Indeed, now I’m more at ease because I already have all these documents collected so i can calm down a little bit haha. Well, I asked you about the birth certificate because I’m not italian by birth so both, estratto di nascita and vaccinazioni, I have to get them sent from my country. Anyways, those together with the affidavit of support are from mid-september so they’re not too old. Again, thank you a lot for your help and advises!! I’ll let you know how my interview went then, baci! ❤️
  2. Omg, i love your review so much!! You explained all really good and actually it have helped in what to expect during the interview, i have mine on 10th December 😬 Also, if its not too annoying ask, the birth certificate and the form I-134 have to be recent or it's not so important? 🙁 And hey, I'm happy that your visa was approved, i wish you and your fiance the best on the future!! ☺️
  3. Yeah, i see, is just that i thought you pay the visa fee first and then schedule the appointment.
  4. My fiance received an email from the embassy here. In the instructions said that after filling the DS160, we have to pay for the visa fee on the page i put first.
  5. Hey there, i have to make another question about this theme because i'm kinda confused. I just create an account, here: https://ais.usvisa-info.com , and now i'm trying to pay the visa fee but i can't, it just appears "schedule the appointment". Is that means that first i have to pick the day of the interview and then, pay for the visa? Anyways it says that there are no available appointments so i don't know 😟
  6. Hey! I have to schedule my appointment at the Naples Embassy, too. You guys know if i can pay the visa fee and finish the DS-160, later?
  7. Yeah, im confident that things are gonna be alright for both. Greetings and good luck on your interview!
  8. Ohhhh my bad, I totally misunderstood the directions. One look at the notes and I realized my mistake. Everything is taken care of and it will be good. By the way, thanks for the help and sorry for the confusion!
  9. He signed my birth certificate as my father. Both, him and my mom signed it. Plus he had the parental rights on me so when i came to Italy the first time he had to do like an authorization notarized so i can leave the country.
  10. Well, thanks for the information. Anyways, my fiance took an appointment with an immigration lawyer. Let's see what he suggest.
  11. you mean all my documentation from here such as passport, id card and my birth certificate? or just put the name of my real dad in the DS-160?
  12. I mean yes, he didn't adopt me and is not my real dad but how can i correct it? That would mean change my Italian passport where i have his surname, my birth certificate and all my documents from here and Ecuador where he appears as my legal father. There is no other way this could not be an issue?
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