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  1. You’re misunderstanding. Her family was already planning a visit for her OTHER immediate family that lives here. In the same city as us. Yes it would be strange if someone had a visit to see someone that was on holiday, but that wasn’t the case. At all.
  2. It is extremely difficult. Under certain circumstances in life you do what you’re heart tells you to do. It took some convincing from me, but her entire family is here. Her only family, so it’s not that outlandish to leave and not go back. Nobody is left in Macedonia for her. I see your sarcasm and it’s not appreciated.
  3. Yes. We discussed marriage in the past. Never planned on it this time, it just happened. Yes she had family visiting anyways that’s how we got the paperwork from her divorce etc. we planned the wedding around the dates of her family being here. Shes still on a visitor visa though, so working remote while on that visa is illegal? Well school isn’t happening now that everyone has told us that. Im not sure I’m seeing where the visa fraud is happening.
  4. Correction. I thought she brought them with her, but she had her other family members bring them when they came for the wedding. She only brought her passports initially.
  5. Fair questions. She brought all travel info with her and her divorce papers, court documents , etc. we had talked about marriage.
  6. Immigration attorney in downtown Chicago with reputable reviews and has been used by family members. Not disagreeing, just stating.
  7. Jesus. I appreciate your honestly, but it really scares me. It seemed cut and dry to us because we are real and not an arrangement like we hear about all the time. This has me worried sick now.
  8. When we had our consultation with the immigration attorney he acted like it was a non issue. Now I’m terrified about all this.
  9. She has her divorce papers from last year stating she has full custody control with the option to move out of country. He knows fhey they are here and staying and is fine with it. Even encourages it.
  10. She got permission from her ex to do whatever she wanted with her boys. He’s a non issue.
  11. Wow. Had no idea this was the case. The school let us register the kids with our lease and bank statement. I’m glad I said mentioned this here because that breaks my heart
  12. Yes she has permission from her ex husband. Everything legally written out with proof
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