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  1. Thank you. Do you perhaps know if I have to apply for I-131 in the same name as my passport? My passport is the only identification have but it's in my maiden name and im filing the aos in my married name.
  2. Hello, I am filing form I-944 for AOS and they want to know if I have graduated high school or not. I have not. ( our school system is different in my country) Where do I put the grade I did and do they want me to name the school? also, do they want proof that I have not graduated?
  3. And it was this that confused me if my name is not on the address in some kind of register if they have that??? will that be a problem to uscis or usps. So it’s just me not understanding how it all works. Sorry for not being clear enough
  4. But how do I register that’s my address. That’s what confusing me, how it works in USA with address . Is it the apartment complex I contact? Maybe landlord is not the correct name for them.. the mail go to mailbox they have outside. They don’t go through that.
  5. I’m going to USA on k1 to marry my fiancé and will after that apply for AOS. me and my fiancé is going to stay at his mother’s apartment but there is a problem. She might not want to tell the landlord I moved there because they are only allowed to be 4 people living there but with me we will be 5 people. will this cause a problem when applying for AOS? Do uscis want proof like a statement from landlord that i live there?
  6. I’m not going to lie. The problem is Me and my fiancé is going to live at a persons place that might not want to tell her landlord that I live there because of apartment rules. That’s why I’m wondering.
  7. I’m also wondering if they will look up that’s my actual address or if they just take my word for it?
  8. I’m sorry I don’t know how to do that. I got my k1 visa application approved and I’m about to travel to USA to get married to my fiancé. But I don’t know if I should change my address when I get there. I’m wondering if when I apply for green card if I have to be written on a address in USA.
  9. Hi! I’m wondering if I have to change my address from Sweden to where I live in USA, when I file for green card or if it doesn’t matter to uscis?
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