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  1. Status changed to application received today.
  2. I'm checking every day. We have been talking for nearly 5 years. My last visit there I stayed four months to spend time with her and her daughter. I wish I could have stayed until this process was over but it wasn't possible. I miss her terribly and just want us to be able to start our lives together. I'll post any new information as it happens.
  3. Ok here is the timeline to date. My fiancee was set an appointment to get the swab completed finally. The date for the swab was September 15th I think. The test kit was returned to DDC in Cincinnati immediately after the swabs were taken. DDC took several days to supply the results to the embassy electronically. We only found out the embassy recieved the results after calling the DDC to inquire. My fiancee in the meantime had to have her appendix removed uggg. She got out if the hospital and mailed her passports to the embassy. On the 10th of october her case online was updated to administrative processing...Still waiting since then for any news.
  4. 9/10/2019 The Embassy in Manila called the DNA test center to verify my fiancee's phone number and email address.
  5. Update: September 6th 2019. On this day the US Embassy received our test kit. The issue we had was DNA Diagnostic Center in Cincinnati Ohio made a mistake on the shipping label. They listed the description of the package contents as being "Small Bottle" while the receipt in the packing list listed stated it was a DNA test kit. This resulted in Customs not releasing the package. My fiancee was able to convince the courier DHL to follow up with Customs after a lot of struggle. He reported back to her the following day stating he had to sign a release form personally to get the package processed. I will continue to update this post so others will have an accurate timeline and detailed description of the DNA submission process to the issuance of the k1, k2 visas
  6. Thanks for responding. Yes the kit was mailed directly to the embassy but it seems like it's not making it through customs. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience a delay in customs similar to what I'm experiencing now. The kit was addressed to this address. US Embassy Consulor section-FPU 1201 Roxas Blvd. Ermita 1000 Manila Philippines attn. DNA-IV
  7. Has anyone had experience with the DNA request process? My fiancee was given a 221g with a request for dna to prove she is the mother of her daughter. This is even after supplying a birth certificate and several other documents. With in hours after finding this out I placed the order for the dna test from a company in Cincinnati Ohio called DDC. They are on the list that the US embassy in Manila accepts. They mailed the swab kit out the very next day. The problem we are having is when the package arrived in Philippines customs it seems to have stalled there. The company used DHL for shipping. It just updates daily with the terms "clearance event" and states the "the shipment is being cleared under Diplomatic entry". Has anyone had experience with shipping to the embassy and does this seem normal? Thanks for any help provided.
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