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  1. Hello, dear friends, I wonder if anyone has info on this topic. We had AOD interview on 11/20/19, all seemed to go decent and in good happy moods. Officer was young and nice. (office in Charlotte, NC). At the end she said she can't make her decision at the moment, she needs to look through everything to make sure all needed papers are there (I do have relatively long history of visas). She gave us paper that case is pending and no other actions needed at this point and wait for mail within 120 days. I know it has been just few days and it is kind of common nowadays to not give decision right in the moment and I just need to wait. My question is - While it is pending (noone knows if it will take all 120 days) - should I submit outside normal processing time” service request of my EAD that is now about 10 days outside reviewed cases? Will it affect main decision or anything? Would they give it to me right now? Any opinions/experiences? Happy upcoming Thanksgiving everyone!
  2. Hello, everyone, I was wondering if I can find an advice on how to list bank account info. I have statements for last 12 months. Do I list the average on it, or the current balance? If average - do I need to show calculations? I just cant figure out what number to enter as assets of bank accounts. Please give me recommendation, their instructions are hard to read. :( I am sure many people would find this info useful. Thank you for the input in advance.
  3. Thank you for all the feedback! I appreciate it. I looked again in tax form, line 6, he has more then required income. That tax return is also filed jointly so it may make it more complicated. We only sent for year 2018, his previous ones didn't look as good. I am still curious about joint sponsor - instructions say he can be called for background check and for interview? Haven't heard about it before, is it new?
  4. As what we have sent with i-864 it was: -W2 forms (since it is joint filing), sponsor gets both W2 and 1099 from different companies - form 1040, Schedules 1, C, E, 1040-v. - Letter from accountant who prepared taxes confirming individual income out of reported joint income. - sponsor's Passport We did miss 1099s, they were in wrong folder ;( , but we will resubmit them this time. Also company registration info, EIN letter... and IRS transcript - they happen to have various versions online and one of them is sponsor's only info. Is it worth adding credit score info? Whose appraisal for commercial trucks would be considered sufficient?
  5. I have attached the 1st page of the letter, after that it covers some instructions for joint sponsorship and/or assets
  6. Hello everyone, I did my research for about a week now without much success, so I hope to hear some expert opinions We received RFE for 485, in particular due to I-846 form. Out household is just two, so sponsor's income should be over 21.137. We did joint filing, but sponsor's individual income according to taxes for 2018 is much over 21.137. His employment is both via W2 and 1099. So lots of tax papers, plus owning INC company. For some reason they still sent us RFE that sponsor doesnt make enough money though he does and it has been all submitted. Any thoughts here? They asked to resubmit all sponsor's tax papers ( mmm... I think we did forget to include the 1099 forms). Would it be a reason for them to not consider sponsor having any income at all? Letter said according to papers submitted he doesnt make enough money, not some forms are missing. Or they just have one standard response that cant be modified? Would they like IRS transcript for 2018 better? Then there would be no missing info? we were thinking adding assets in the response ( just in case)..... he owns few semi trucks - they are not in a blue book... how to get its value? there is no blue book of any kind for that category of cars....And yes, we also have personal use ones to be able to list other ones.... How do you even list them in I-864? in additional notes? we were thinking about adding extra sponsor (household relative) but again primary sponsor should qualify already.... I looked at paperwork - it says in instructions they can be called out for fingerprints and interview? never heard of it before? is it actually happening? he is a busy bee with frequent traveling schedule and not sure how that would fly. also a side question - does this kind of RFE affect AOE processing? Do they only send one RFE? if we miss something again, will they just drop it? If it matters it is filed i130 and 485 at the same time at National benefits center. Thank you everyone for taking a minute to read it, any constructive input would be highly appreciative. It is not like there are multiple attempts to respond these guys...
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