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  1. I am looking to petition my fiancee and I am a US Citizen NOT born in the USA NOR naturalized as an adult. I became a citizen UNDER the age of 18 and was given a US passport at the same time my parent was Naturalized. This is the only proof I have as a citizen. I do have an alien reg # but I do not believe I was issued a Naturalization Certificate. My questions are: - having ONLY a US passport, will this suffice as proof of my citizenship for the I-129F? - if I were given a Naturalization Certificate where could I get a copy should USCIS require it? (As far as I know I never got one under my name) - should I list my alien number on the i-129 (as it asks for an "A #" on the 1st page in Part 1 in Question No. 1) even though I don't have physical proof of a nat. cert.? Thanks everyone!
  2. Thanks for the quick replies and support from some of you. It's very much appreciated. Good to you and your journey !
  3. Sept. 2019- *needing updated info* - where do I mail I-129 if I’m from California? Texas “drop box” or California receiving center? There seems to be confusion with this. USCIS states to mail it to Dallas drop box. But I am also told to mail in the regional receiving facility. Also, “intent letter”- one letterhead what address would I put for receiving faculty?Any assistance would be great! Thanks in advance! ReNadja20/20
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