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  1. OMG that is terrible ! was your DS260 Reopened after 1 year
  2. So after a long time. Right now my case had been in ready since july. Today i check and my iv application DS260 is reopened.. I didn't get any email to update it or anything. I am not sure what this means. I tried to submit it again but its not allowing me to resubmit. What does it mean if the DS260 is reopened. I already had the interview last year and was in process for more than a year now..
  3. My case is f1 for husband. My wife is sponsoring me. My case has been on ready for 1 month with only 1 update..
  4. Can come someone please tell me what i should do?? My case status is stuck on ready for a month now!!! It was in ap for 10 monthss i am sooo worried
  5. Heyy were you given a 221 g form. On it they are asking for docs make sure to give those
  6. Heyy guys i was in ap for 10 months. Finally the status changed to ready. Now it is on ready since july 28 with the date only changing once on august 06. I dont know what to expect
  7. I understand but soo many people also get visa right after ready. My case was in ap for 10 months. Then they asked for a second medical. After it went to ready in july. Now has been stuck on ready. I don’t understand what i should expect now
  8. Its sooo hard to wait we have been for so long! I don’t understand what it means now that it is on ready. It has been since july. What do u think is going to happen?
  9. Hey Guys! My Case has been stuck on "READY" From july 28 it is now August 22. PLease tell me what i should expect. I already had interview and was under AP for 10Months after interview. Now my case is stuck on ready
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