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  1. Anything known about expired IR5 visa? My IR5 visa expired in end of march as I could not travel due to covid. They said they will reissue me visa once embassy opens but that was before EO. But now I am confused.I have two options:

    One to wait for opening of embassy and see what they say vis a vis EO and reissue of visa.

    Two, My daughter againapplies my case afresh which in case of EO eventuality will save couple of months.

  2. They will resume ir and cr visa applications once Mumbai consulate opens. but no word on when they will open. covid is still on the rise in India specially in Mumbai which accounts for 50% of total cases in the country and also where embassy os located. so i will say it will take couple of months more for them to consider opening embassy for consular processing.
  3. Its only Mumbai now. And with a huge backlog.
  4. https://t.me/joinchat/NRGqCktgOtO1OSoJnoKE9A link for Mumbai fillers a telegram group
  5. I know few people who submitted their Civil documents without PCC (said not able to obtain right now due to COVID pandemic shut down and will bring the PCC to consulate during interview in the comment section). They got their rest of the documents accepted and got DQ. Now you can try this and see if they accept it and If not you will need to wait for them to open Kuwait embassy. But I suggest give it a shot. you are wasting your time right now anyways.
  6. Read the message that came on your ceac portal. If J1 is not accepted they may have sent you a message about that. Every other documents are accepted but no note on J1. dont wait for their email. They take weeks to respond to that. Call them.
  7. Once all you documents shows as accepted. Your documents are qualified. it wont aay approved or dq. Just accepted. You have the email as well that says all your documents are qualified. Thats it. You dont have to do anything else until you get your appointment letter. it will say “at NVC” until you get your interview appointment. Your consulate will let NVC know that your turn has come for interview and NVC will send your application to consulate and an email to you for the date. your status will remain at NVC until you get your interview date.
  8. They will give priority to the cases who are not subject to travel ban
  9. According to their guideline upon arrival The receiving state will quarantine you, also its self pay quarantine. You need to pay for the period of quarantine. 7 Days paid institutional quarantine at your own cost followed by self isolation at home.
  10. https://t.me/joinchat/NRGqCktgOtO1OSoJnoKE9A you can join the telegram group for Mumbai Consulate filler for update.
  11. It will be months before you will get anything from them. Everything is closed right now
  12. you will get Interview appointment within a month or two once they open embassy. few people from November who got their interview date in March got their appointment canceled due to shutdown. So they will be processed first. just before shutdown. Few people from DQ in January got interview dates for April.
  13. This will never end. once you get dq. You will be waiting for interview letter. searching for what dates they are working. 😂. others are getting interview dates. When will i get mine. Thats the question after dq. 😂 immigration is never relaxed process.
  14. Not sure if this will help. But I have attached the link for a Telegram Group of people who are Mumbai Consulate fillers. And there are many people who are US citizens, may be they can help you with India PCC, if you are looking to get it from Indian Mission in USA https://t.me/joinchat/NRGqCktgOtO1OSoJnoKE9A
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