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  1. You can print small album with few pictures. i have seen people bring in their full heavy album. i took about 20 pictures small size.
  2. No original documents of petitioner is required. photocopies are fine
  3. you need to book appointment on PSK website. and go in person to apply one. Pay 500 INR. They might give you one on spot or you may require a physical police verification at your address. in that case. it may take upto two weeks depending on the city you live in. PCC obtained by PSK is the only one valid for US immigration
  4. theres a link right above your message
  5. https://t.me/joinchat/S2A600_hCJioIBPc
  6. @Darthvador25 @mo93 let me address that “telegram” issue for you both. when we started that group. It was all online accessible to everyone. we started asking people to share their timeline so we know whats going on. This was two years ago. but you know what happened? 70% of people did. NOt share their timeline. They just wanted to know and not be part of the data. We can’t predict accurately if we dont have enough data. but people just dont want to share and wants to know other people’s date? so why such secrecy about your DQ? so I ask now. Why such secrecy? Why not just share your timeline and help the cause? i have put my own money to maintain that group and keep that running. There are other people who help us too. i have personally made that website you keep looking for on my free time in between my work days. And is free information for all who wants to be part of the group. Our immigration is done. And still we pay to keep that group online. and in return we ask only two things 1. Telegram username 2. Your timeline on the sheet. and you have access to everything Some of them did join from this thread. But they too never shared their timeline. Just wanted to know where others are at and remain themselves hidden. thats not how “free” thing work. you have got to give the community something to get something from community. .
  7. Insurance is not required. medical and biometrics is always before interview. you interview email should say that. if you dont have medical or biometrics done. You wont be allowed.
  8. https://t.me/joinchat/S2A600_hCJioIBPc
  9. 1. No 2. They dont send any such letter for biometric or medical. 3 you have to call them or choose different location fro biometric
  10. if you dont have past records. they will give you vaccines during your medical
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