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  1. @natalysmile include everything. No evidence is small .
  2. Mine wrote me a 12 page evaluation. Starting from my family upbringing, how I was raised, how I met my spouse, the good and bad side of our relationship, what attracted me to my spouse. How the abuse started and who I confided in, then stating the abuse have caused me PTSD and depression including financially . my therapist also did the same. She did 12 page also stating how many times I attended counseling prior to filing vawa .
  3. It’s done by a Psychologist. Explain to them that you were abused mentally,physically and emotionally by your husband in USA and you need a psychological evaluation for VAWA(they can look it up themselves on the internet. ) any good and qualified psychologist should know what a mental evaluation is and what it should entail.
  4. @Villanelle does that mean as a vawa applicant filing the I-485, one do not need to file the I-864W ?
  5. With what you said above . Was it your I-485 that was denied based on fraud ? And then a lawyer told you of vawa ?
  6. 1. You can always substitute his US passport for his birth certificate, voters registration information (if he’s registered to vote as a US citizen ), try vital records online too. You can request his birth records since you’re still married to him legally . 2. Look for another Psychologist and explain to him / her what you need the reports for, that can substitute for a police report too. 3. Submit the little police report you have and the texts and mails. That evidence you think is little might be something big for USCIS . 4. Quitting is for losers. And @natalysmile you’re not a loser. You must fight till the end. Always come here for any questions
  7. Good day people, has anyone shipped anything to Vermont via USPS . What’s the cheapest rate they have for priority ?
  8. You can always file them while vawa is pending . Attach your pending I-360 receipt when submitting.
  9. True, everyone’s story is different. Thank you dear
  10. @Stillwinning!!!😊 my sister, if I decide to pay for the renewal of EAD under category C09 how much will it be ? I don’t want to send it without a fee neither do I want to do a fee waiver
  11. Like what someone said above, keep those text messages and emails showing him harassing you, calling you mean names those can also prove he is crazy .
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