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  1. Thanks for your kind words and it means so much to me . I’ll keep everybody informed .
  2. I applied for school and got 9K fafsa . Was supposed to resume classes this fall but I pushed it till next year . All these is scary but we’ll overcome it
  3. All these RFEs is making me think about my own application . I just clocked one year on my application and should hear something sometime next year . It’s giving me sleepless nights and I go back everyday reading my personal affidavits . I am mentally tired and I need a break from all these immigration process . I’ve been in this process since 2017 and am mentally tired . Sometimes, I want to do something for myself career wise, but thinking about my VAWA just makes me take a pause . I am tired 😓 and may we all be approved and make our lives better .
  4. What did you submit as first that you resided with your spouse ?
  5. What date did you submit your vawa ? The officer can’t just assume, you’d have to write on the back explaining what’s going on in the pictures submitted and dates included . It seems you didn’t submit utility bills too that would help too . I know it’s frustrating, but you’ll get it done sweetie
  6. May I ask when you first submitted your I-360 application ? And when you submitted your pictures of your marriage, did you write at the back of the pictures describing the events in the pictures ?
  7. I don’t live in New York . Am on the south . 70 percent applicants on here are New York residents . But, this can help you find your congressperson . https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members
  8. You just have to wait . Nobody wishes RFE on themselves, you should be patient . Most immigration officers are faster than the others in adjudicating cases . You always have the option of contacting your Congressperson to inquire about your case .
  9. Yes . You can come back with a valid AP. I have a friend who overstayed for 5 years before filing AOS and then vawa recently. Just came back recently. Your vawa approval won’t be revoked ,think positive in your life from now on . Your I-485 will be sent to Your local office now who’ll call you for a green card interview when a date and time is set for you . Take your finalized divorce decree with you to the interview and not forgetting the I-864W if you didn’t submit one with your I-485 . Once again, enjoy your approval .
  10. It says we’re exempt from the new public charge rule . Fill it out and sign it , and take it with you to your green card interview. read more here https://www.uscis.gov/i-864w
  11. Congratulations on your approval . Did you receive any RFE during your wait time . 1. You overstaying your visa in 2011 will not affect your green card application nor upcoming green card interview neither will you or your children getting benefits in food stamp and Medicaid affect you during your green card interview . Vawa applicants are exempt from public charge rule . 2. You do not need to pay for an advance parole document (form I-131) if you apply now . If you’re married or were married to one just attach your I-485 receipt when sending your application to Vermont . It worked for me that way anyway . 3. As long as you have your Advance parole document on you . You will be paroled into the United States of America on arrival from your travel destination . There have been testimonies of people who have traveled and came back successfully . 4 . You should get the card in about 7 business days or less . Congratulations.
  12. @sandranj this just caught my eyes . You said whomever writes an affidavit to support bonafide marriage or whomever writes an affidavit that him or she witnessed abuse needs to be legal. in my case, the friend who wrote an affidavit for me , when she wrote the affidavit for me last year, she was waiting for an interview(AOS) , but on the week of the interview she and her husband had a fight in a Walmart and the store called the cops but the husband was not charged . He decided to move out of their home and did not show up for the marriage interview. So, USCIS cancelled the green card and gave her 30 days to leave . But, before that 30 days was up, she and her husband made up and her lawyer filed a motion to reopen the i-485 which is in process . my question is this - She wrote my affidavit for me that she witnessed the abuse when her AOS was pending an interview meaning she was legal. Is she still considered legal now that she filed a motion to reopen her AOS . anyone can input their responses too including @sandranj
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