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  1. Hello! Just checking in to see if anyone else here is waiting on a rescheduled CR-1/IR-1 interview date for the Embassy in Nassau, Bahamas. Would be great to meet another Bahamian that’s going through this stressful process. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone.. It’s crazy reading this because if everything was “normal“, my husband and I would be attending his interview at 1:00 pm today. What are the odds? I don’t know what this means for any of us but I’m sending love & light to all of you. I know how hard it is. ❤️
  3. I’m so happy to be able to say that we have been scheduled for an interview at our embassy in Nassau, Bahamas. It’s been a journey: I-130 PD - 1/28/2019 (NSC) I-129F PD - 7/19/2019 (We filed this to see if the process would actually speed up) I-129F denial - 8/19/2019 I-130 Approval - 8/19/2019 (Filing I-129F helped) NVC Case Creation - 09/13/2019 Fees, Forms and Docs Submitted - 12/23/2019 Documentarily Qualified - 02/26/2020 Interview Letter - 03/05/2020 Interview Date - 04/21/2020 !!! Good luck to everyone throughout your visa journey. I’m so glad to have found this site and gain a lot of information and help through everyone’s experiences. Almost done with this!
  4. Hi! I received two emails actually. One said that my case status had been updated on CEAC and another email was sent immediately after, stating that my case had been documentarily qualified.
  5. Thank you! Yes it was. I was so scared that they might reject something and I’d have to wait another 2 months. Whew!
  6. Thank you! Yes you’re right! Hope to hear more good news from other December filers this week.
  7. I can’t believe I can finally say this. We just got our DQ email! Submitted documents on 12/23.
  8. I honestly don’t know why I even bother to call NVC. Our case was approved for expedite due to our situation after Hurricane Dorian and the guy at NVC said that qualification of documents takes the same length of time as people with a non-expedited case. While that’s fine and all, I asked him why is it that some cases are documentarily qualified within a few days or few weeks, like I’ve seen with some users here (which I’m happy for you all). He told me “That doesn’t happen” and that he “can not confirm that”. Also went on to proudly tell me that the clock is set back to zero if a document has to be resubmitted or added for any reason. I knew that but I just wanted to understand what sense that made. He went silent. He did not seem to care. All in all, I just came to vent because coming from Nebraska Service Center and then having to deal with this BS is exhausting.
  9. Hi everyone. Happy New Year. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. We submitted our documents on 12/23 and no DQ yet. Not like I'm expecting anything, since the process was bound to slow down in this season. However, I still held on to hope just because we have been going through this visa process for so long. We got approved for a conditional expedite and I'm just wondering if anyone here (or anyone you know) knows if the document review time takes less time for those with conditional expedites? I know there is not much of a pattern with NVC but I wanted to get a feel of what others have been experiencing.
  10. Hi again everyone. A few days ago, I told you all about my I-130 approval for my spouse. My mom also had a I-130 pending since 9/24/2018. I knew my husband was approved on 8/19/2019 (I-130 PD 1/28/2019, I-129F PD 7/19/2019) but I got the shock of my life when I saw that my mom was approved on the same day. I just got the approval letters in the mail today! I wasn’t expecting that (I figured the I-129F would only speed up my husband’s petition). Luckily, it seems to have forced them to process another petition I had pending!! I’m not sure if there are many in the same position as myself who had filed separate petitions for a parent and a spouse.
  11. Hello everyone. For some time now, I have been a lurker on this forum trying to find a sense of understanding and hope about this entire process. When I realized that our petition was sent to the absolute slowest center known to mankind, I was beginning to lose hope.. Until I learned about the I-129F route.. I was even scared about trying it out as some people didn’t think it would speed up the process. I am here to tell you that I truly believe it does. 1/28/2019 - I-130 NOA1 7/19/2019 - I-129F NOA1 8/20/2019 - I-129F denial I found out about the I129F denial today via the USCIS case tracker app. I called USCIS and after being on hold for 30 minutes, a rep assured me that the I129F was denied because my I130 had been APPROVED (the approval had not shown up in any case tracking app or USCIS’ site). I encourage everyone to do the same thing that I did (unless you’re an August/September 2018 filer). However, it does not hurt to try. Goodbyeeee Nebraska! Good luck to everyone else on this journey.
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