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  1. Thank you, we have been waiting for a long time now. We are still waiting for my husband to receive his passport inshallah
  2. yes CEAC said that it was issued on October 11, 2019. After the interview which was Monday October 7th, 2019 the consulate told me husband everything should be ready in 10 days.
  3. Do you think the 7-10 days are from the interview date or the visa issuance?
  4. Yes my husbands visa was issued Friday October 11 I think 10 days as well. Yes my husbands visa was issued Friday October 11 I think 10 days as well.
  5. Does anyone know how long it takes for the embassy to deliver the passport via ARMEX after the visa is issued?
  6. My husband is currently at the US embassy In Beirut after the long wait the day is finally here. We are a “ Ir1 case” Please send us your prayers🙏🏼 i also am praying for you all, hopefully everyone will hear something good soon. Ill keep you updated on what happens with my husbands case
  7. Our case is finally in Lebanon, received the interview letter today. Interview is October 7,2019🙏🏼 Thank goodness! Wish you all the best of luck
  8. Not yet unfortunately still waiting. My husbands case was completed july 8 2019. Its been two months and a week. Hoping to hear something next week . Most of the people who have gotten interviews waited around 2 months and a half.
  9. Hello ,

    Any updates? Did you get your interview letter?

    1. donyaf24


      Hey Reem,

      Unfortunately we are still waiting for my husbands interview letter.   

  10. I did not know this existed as well, how do i check this? It is not showing up on the ceac website. Thank u
  11. My husband and I received a acceptance letter on July 8,2019 mentioning that our case has been completed. My husband is still waiting for an interview in Lebanon. Our visa class is: IR1. We are hoping that we hear something soon, good luck to everyone who is also on the same boat. VISA CLASS: IR1
  12. My case was also completed on July 8, 2019, I am waiting for an interview as well for my husband. Good luck!
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