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  1. Hi guys is it true that k1 visa holders must book return ticket rather than one-way ticket? Especially if the applicant from the Middle East
  2. First of all, i would thank all VJ MEMBERS for their help and support today i received my k1 visa on 18 AUG my interview was and i was denied under 221 g and the red flag was extreme vetting 5535 which requires extreme background check because i have many visas to iran, india as well. so the extreme vetting I received after 3 days of my interview which i was interviewed in Baghdad then i at 5 sept the status of my case changed to Nonimigrant as it was immigrant then after that date , the embassy emailed me to send the medical examination and my passport and after one week it was issued my advice is that don’t GIVE UP because mine was very difficult so please be patient
  3. Hi guys how long does it take for someone to get his passport back after being issued
  4. It’s still not working how can one know his visa status
  5. Yea it’s the same for me it doesn’t work from yesterday
  6. It’s the same for me I couldn’t view my status
  7. I can’t see my status on the ceac I don’t know why , when i write my case number nothing shows
  8. Hi vj im trying to see my Status on ceac but it doesn’t work can anyone track his case on ceac or it’s wrong from the website
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