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  1. Hi visa members, my AOS interview was supposed to be on 24th march but it has been canceled due to covid19... i applied on November 10th for my green card and my work permit i never got my work permit which employment authorization. Wat should i do because it’s been so long and im waiting to work cuz it’s been almost 5 months and im running out of money
  2. Hi guys, I applied for health insurance on the market place and filled out my application. And based on my information i provided. They asked if im a citizen or lawful permanent resident or i have NOA from uscis and they told me as following: Maybe eligible for free or low cost coverage through medicaid my question is that possible??
  3. I filled aos in 2019 November so its not required from me as An essential requirement
  4. So what should i do can can we get a shared health insurance advise me plz
  5. Okay guys just tell me how to sign up for health insurance and what does the exchange mean? And can i buy a plan in the same plan that my wife has?
  6. Okay i posted that to know everything so how can buy one can she add me to here medicare
  7. how can i buy one and can i buy one that is the same my wife have ? I think it’s called monlina or can she add me to her medicare?
  8. Relax my wife is simple person and she’s not old enough to get to know all immigration stuff she was born here and she was given medicare so she doesn’t care about such stuff all she cares about are school and work
  9. I can’t work cuz im waiting for my Ead card I cannot work based on my k1 visa so what should I do
  10. Hi vj please my AOS interview will be in a month so actually i have heard that me and my wife should have shares health insurance. I don’t know even what is that? And how to apply for it my wife has medicare because she is a us citizen but I don’t have anything so how can my wife add me to her health insurance
  11. I think my center office is the national benefits center and my local office is Detroit
  12. Hi there! i got my interview notice before i get my EAD card or my work permit. I did my biometric before 40 days. is it normal? Cuz i have heard that EAD arrives before GC interview thanks
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