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  1. Can cases get approved before the inquiry date?
  2. I wish you the best! I think so too and hope that you get approved by December. i hope it goes fast for both of us
  3. Oh ok thanks for your time That’s true
  4. If that’s the case how come in Potomac SC, LPR cases take longer than USC cases. How come in Texas they’re faster than USC cases. I’m confused.
  5. Gives me some hope, Thankyou I appreciate it!
  6. Have you gotten approved yet? If so how long did it take and what SC was it at? I’m just curious because I got Texas and it’s been 2 months since I filed and I have a case number starting with IOE, I just hope it goes fast.
  7. You had IOE and your SV is Texas, me too. Have you gotten approved, if so how long did it take for them to give you an NOA2?
  8. But I read that they put USC cases on top of LPR cases, and check their cases first before they check LPR cases.
  9. It’s fine I understand what you’re saying, you’re right
  10. What other documentation? Do you mean the birth certificate of our child since they know I’m pregnant
  11. Oh ok, thanks I sent in a ton of evidence of bona fide marriage such as marriage certificate, marriage entry, wedding invitation card, wedding pictures, pictures of us together, passport stamps of my travels to him.. so I just sent the pregnancy proof as additional evidence. I just figured I had the paper from the doctor why not just sent it in.
  12. When I filed for my husband I was pregnant, I sent a letter from doctor that shows proof of pregnancy to show them we are having a child soon and to also show bona fide marriage. Would that be a problem?
  13. I’m really happy for you guys. I wish you guys the best. I just hope mine goes smooth and quick as well.
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