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  1. 07/09 - AOS packet sent 07/13 - Arrived to USCIS 07/28 - Check cashed 07/30 - SMS with the receipt number 08/01 - NOA1's in the mail! (It probably arrived yesterday or a couple days ago but we were out)
  2. Hello everybody! I think June filers are starting to receive their NOA1s. A friend of mine: check cashed 20 days after sending the packet. Questions: 1. AOS RFEs are before or after biometrics? 2. We didn't send my NACES degree equivalency (I really didn't want to until I get my work permit and based in what the job I apply to is going to ask me for, also for sending the packet ASAP hahaha), do you think it will be a problem? Patience and good luck everyone!!!
  3. https://www.annualcreditreport.com/gettingReports.action I sent a mail with the form for requesting credit score. I explained I needed to proof non existing credit score for migration purposes. I also wasn't able to get SSN due to Covid. I received a letter two weeks later and used it as my evidence. The I-765 is Ok, they haven't updated it. Luck!!!
  4. Ready to be sent! Tomorrow or Friday! Good luck everybody!
  5. Sorry for this stupid question June filers: How did you label the AOS packet outside? Need examples. Thanks!
  6. We are missing just one paper! Almost sent package this month, but we will need to join July filers now Luck everybody!!!
  7. The passport photos (6 total) are only the beneficiary's right? IDK where I read that 2 petitioner photos are needed 😕
  8. Hello June filers! Currently gathering all the paperwork (trying to understand some I-944 parts 😰😣), hoping we can send out application this month! Good luck everybody! PS: Are you sending I-765 expired form?
  9. NVC will send the petitioner an email when your case is sent to beneficiary's country. After that you're close to schedule your interview. Due to covid, processing times are a little different as I have seen in some Facebook groups. Luck!
  10. I understand your frustration We were never able to talk to anybody who could tell us what happened (neither USCIS or NVC), we just waited. But you could try sending an inquiry email. After we received our REapproval letter (2nd NOA2) everything went normally. I already entered US. I hope you have answers soon, your case to flow soon. Stay patient.
  11. We're worried too. I was approved in my interview one month ago (12.5 months after we started). I have my ticket to enter US in July, my visa expires in August. My country (Mexico) doesn't have a ban yet, but Coronavirus cases are growing exponentially here. We're considering to change the flight for a sooner date as we don't know what will happen (Mexico is still accepting flights from all around the world! 😣😣😫😫) 😭 A lot of stress.
  12. Hello everyone! Hoping everyone is doing well, question... Some people from a group we have of our country are wondering why, even if they had their NVC number some days before last Tuesday October 1st,(embassy shipment day), still have "At NVC" status and haven't received NVC email. Is this normal? Thanks in advance!
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