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  1. Another question: I need glasses but I don't currently own any, my fiancee said that she will put me on her health insurance, meaning those glasses would be free, hence me not buying them yet. When should I be expect to be under her health insurance? Can I do it as soon as I get my SSN/Marriage certificate?
  2. So my visa got issued today, I'm waiting on my passport to arrive. It is coming from France and all I got is it's tracking number, it's not on the system yet. So here are a few questions: 1.Does anyone know how Chronopost Europe works? On the packaging I delivered to the embassy it stated "1 day shipping". But online it says 2-5 business days for countries in Europe/ 2. When I get to the USA I'll be marrying as soon as possible, I want to take my fiancee last name, so should I apply for SSN first, get married, and change the SSN later? Or should I just wait, get married and then apply for the SSN? (I'll also be changing my middle name, I never liked it, so I'll add something "nicer") 3. How long does it usually take for me to be able to get a job and start working? 4. Does anyone know if I'll be able to drive with my current Portuguese drivers license? 5. Will I be able to exchange my current drivers license to a Michigan drivers license? 6. How long does it usually take to be able to get a drivers license? (I read online that I'll be able to work much sooner than I will be able to drive, but Idk the veracity of these statements, and if so, that would greatly limit my options) Thank you!
  3. Issued as of today! Does anybody know how long it takes for Chronopost Europe to get to Portugal?
  4. As some of you know, I filled my petition for K1 visa on November 2018, at the time my fiancee was pregnant and I was going to finish my bachelors early May, so It seemed like a good time to start filling everything. In the summer of 2018 I overstayed my ESTA for 4 hours (1 day), at the time, I didn't realize this was the case, and I returned to the USA two times after that with no problems, until this summer, where they warned me I had overstayed and I returned to Portugal in the next flight. I was going to spend time with my son, 3 months at the time, unfortunately that was not possible. On June 10th my case was created, I managed to get my interview expedited to July 24. Paris, where I was told I was approved, it all went with flying colors. At the interview I didn't have my medical exams yet, so I sent it to them and it got there on Aug 12th. By this time, my case had last been updated on Aug 6th and put on Administrative Processing. Finally, on Aug 23 it changed to Application Received, the next two days were weekends, so on Aug 26 They've updated my status to Administrative processing again. AS of today, Aug 28, no new updates (now it shoes AP on both IV and NIV). It doesn't look like a long time, but it sure feels like it. My fiancee is a teacher, which means she has 3 months vacation in the summer, no such luck. Wedding venue postponed from Aug 2nd 2019 to July 31 2020, no big deal, we all know how this goes. The worst is the uncertainty and the wait, She is back to work now, and daycare is expensive. My gorgeous son (picture below) is 5 months old now! Only got to see him 1 week in April, when he was a month old. He just started crawling as well. I am missing all of this unfortunately. I'll keep you updated on the progress. From everything I've read it shouldn't take much longer, but you can't truly know. P.s- A lot has happened in between filing for k1 and now, such as we discovering my fiancee is carrier of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and me having to get tested as well, as it was a pain to get tested here in Portugal, to my whole family and friends travelling to the USA without me for the wedding venue (the airlines wouldn't budget so they ended up going anyways). To Portugal not doing visa interviews and having to travel to Paris just for that, ultimately delaying the whole process at least 2-3 months from expected (the original interview date was to be on November 6th!), the first expedite was denied, but we insisted on emailing the senator and he managed to pull some strings.
  5. Haha, yes, six months, He's cutter than ever!
  6. My take on this: Why gamble? The information they have about you is limited already, plus the fact that they do this things everyday and it must be very boring... You want to show them that you REALLY want to be there, make it easy for them to accept you, not harder. If there are optional steps you could take, take them. Sometimes that makes a difference.
  7. I have overstayed for 4 hours.... That counted as a day and I got my VWP revoked... Before I knew about it, I traveled twice back to the US... Until I decided to stay for the summer with my wife (while we waited for the interview). They pulled me to the side and said I had overstayed. I told her I've never done that, the officer then asked me whether or not these dates were correct, and told me the dates of over a year ago. I said they were correct, and three months is not the same as 90 days... Some months have 31 days... And it was dumb to stay so close to the limit, lesson learnt, so I indeed overstay. It doesn't matter if for 4 hours or 179 days. They were very understanding of my situation, and they knew of my plans to marry next time in the USA. I didn't lie about anything and I took the next flight back home. Didn't even get the chance to see my 3 month old who was waiting just outside that room. He's six now, I haven't seen him yet. But fortunately the senator was able to expedite my interview, and recently it went to Application received, hopefully it is issued next week, since my savings are running low for daycare while my wife works. what helped in my case was a Sworn statement I made with the officer at the time, I don't think that is a option for you, considering your situation... Anyways, I really wish you the best of luck, 3 years is a long time, but consider this: the USA and Canada are relatively close... So even if you can't travel south, they can travel north...
  8. I didn't get any email, on the 23th it changed to Application received. And tells me to wait 2 business day for my status to update again, so hopefully by next week I'll have some progress.
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