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  1. Ok... although my last boarding pass already missing but at least I still got the one from this time I come. I hope it works fine too! ( I came here 2018-11-8~2019-2-1 and 2019-6-14~ 2019-9-7) can I just give the copy ? Or i have to provide my original boarding pass? Thanks you
  2. Good afternoon everyone. im now fill out i129f and some parts are a little bit confusing for me. so I need to fill out my former jobs. I work in a trade company for 2 years form 2014-2016. And when I start dating my bf I quit my job. I started only work few months on each job during 2016-2018 so I can visit him. basically when I want to go visit him , I quit. Do I need to fill out the “ short time jobs” too ? Now I’m running my small business as jewelry maker . is that ok I just wrote my small business and trade company for my work experience? Bc I don’t feel formal about other jobs I had.. Thank you.
  3. Yes I’ll absolutely submit copy of passport stamps and boarding passes. I lost some of my boarding passes is that ok I use the trip confirmation from airline website? also this time I came to US they didn’t stamp on my passport. Can I use i94 form instead ? Or what should I do for it ? Im still in the US . We plan sent the forms before I leave. ill provide some pictures too. Does it need to be “ actual “ pictures or I can edit them with Word and print it? Thank u !!! ❤️
  4. Sorry I’m not quite follow this. I don’t understand ... even I look up dictionary I still don’t understand... would you explain, please ? Thank you so much !!!
  5. Thank you for advising❤️ Just want to make sure ... so I’ll be sending the files below to USCIS. did I miss anything? Cover letter I-129f G-1145f Letter of intent Birth certificate(sponsor) Divorce decrees(sponsor) Criminal record(sponsor) Proof of relationship Passport Photo(both of us) A check for the amount of $535
  6. thank you for sharing your experience. Did RFE took much longer to get K1 visa than it was supposed to?
  7. Thank you for responding. Now I know criminal record is necessary. But We don’t have it right now and I read it criminal record could take 3-6 weeks to receive is that right? Do you suggest we just wait for it ? Because that’s the only thing we don’t have. Or I can send the forms to USCIS first and then when I receive RFE I send them criminal record too. i guess my question is would it be any sooner if I sent i129 forms first no matter files are complete or not. And I have other small question, about my bf’s divorce decrees. He said that we can just sent the copies because they ( the court or whatever ) have the original divorce decrees , that’s no way we could get the original one is that correct? thank you for helping!
  8. Hi everyone Me and my bf is going to apply K1 visa. He is US citizen (sponsor) and I’m Taiwanese (beneficiary). There’s a part of I129 form is asking about sponsor’s criminal record. My bf was caught drunk driving when he was 20 years old. Which is 30 years ago. He got caught when he was almost home and was sent to jail for 1 night. Should we worry about this record ? He wrote what exactly he done on i129 form but does he need to apply police criminal record to file with the forms? Will this become a serious problem on our K1 application? Thank you.
  9. Thanks for replying. I was quite worry Bc I’m not sure they just forbid me to work before I got EAD ( including self employed ?) or they don’t want me to have any income?? Me and my bf already been apart for 3 years. Since we started dating it’s been a long distance relationship... now we just don’t want to be apart anymore. So We are planing just stay here and adjustment of Status.
  10. If you were really a tourist at that time you went through custom and they let you in. It’s totally legal to get married to a US citizen and AOS while you are here. Ppl can’t AOS if they came here with ESTA except US citizen’s Spouse.
  11. I have a small business in my own country Taiwan. Now I’m on vacation. I came to US with Esta to visit my bf. And now we decide to get married. I’m gonna stay here and do Adjustment Of Status. Before I left Taiwan,I left some of my handcrafted jewelry there and my friend would helping shipping it if ppl order. The money goes in my taiwan bank account. When I was just traveling US I didn’t think about it. Because I don’t work for anyone and I don’t earn money from here. Didn’t think it would be problem. But now I’m going to AOS so I want to make sure what I’m doing now is ok before i got EAD. Many thanks!
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