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  1. Just heard from the office of my representative yesterday. My case was approved and I'm expecting the oath invitation by mail. I also checked the status online on the USCIS website and indeed it shows that I was scheduled for an oath ceremony. Thank you so much everyone that gave their advice!
  2. So far I've contacted my representative, waiting for them to get some answers
  3. Thank you all for the quick response, just mailed my representative. The CIS Ombudsman will be next if I don't get an answer
  4. I already interviewed almost 2 years ago. When checking online the normal processing time (N-400, San Antonio TX) it is 9.5-14 months (my receipt date is April 2017, site says anything before June 2018 is outside normal times). When I submit an inquiry, the only answer I get is that my case is under background checks. I got the same answer for the last year or so. Anything I can do to get a more clear answer? When I checked around I discovered that background checks are supposed to be completed before I get the invitation for an interview, but I interviewed and passed. My wife interviewed 3 weeks after me and took the oath about 2 months later. Thanks
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