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  1. I have suggested that but both of us do not know who is best advised to accept these gifts. And if said person will actually do what they say. But rest assured that if anyone knew of someone why would love a nice gift I would be sure to ask them how early of a Christmas they would like.
  2. Thank you, ours is approaching 3 years this December. It seems to be a losing battle though, that is why I am seeking more information on what could be done and which attorney other people succeeded with.
  3. Hello, I am Jondexplorer, I could not find a way back into my old account. So I made a new one to continue my story and to seek additional help. Anyhow, it is closing on 3 years and nearly 180,000 php spent. And so far we are only at the first witness interogation. I did try and contact the Dimples person, but it was a dead end. Fortunately it lead to a list of of attorney and family law practice people in the area that I used to contact a large range of attorneys to learn fees, there process, so on and so forth. My question is, has anyone here successfully completed their cases and if so how long, and at what cost. Lastly who did you work with attorney wise?
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