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  1. Hi all, Need some advice from you wonderful people. My US citizen parents sponsored me under the FB1 (F1) family sponsorship category and I received an email this morning from NVC to start submitting documents / pay fees on the CEAC website. I currently live in the US under the TN visa. My question is: is it "better" or quicker to apply via the consular processing route vs. adjustment of status, given it is currently taking 6-8 months to complete the interview and obtain the GC (from my scoping around this website) vs. 6-8 months to obtain the EAD (during which time I will not be able to work or travel outside the US). My main concern is that I am interviewing with new employers and am expecting an offer shortly. The new employer will most likely file for a TN visa as I will not have either an EAD in time. I also know that if I file for an adjustment of status, I cannot file for a TN visa afterwards. I just don't want to be passed up for a good job while waiting for the EAD. I'm wondering if it's easier to go through the consular processing route in Montreal and if need be, apply for a new TN visa here in the US, without violating either conditions. Appreciate the input. T
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