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  1. In accordance with Proclamation—Suspension of Entry as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants of Certain Additional Persons Who Pose a Risk of Transmitting Coronavirus, effective at 11:59 p.m. eastern daylight time on March 16, 2020, the entry into the United States is suspended for most individuals, other than United States citizens and lawful permanent residents, who have been physically present within the United Kingdom, excluding overseas territories outside of Europe, or the Republic of Ireland within 14 days of travel to the United States. Proclamation 9993 regarding travel from a Schengen Area country also remains in effect


    She got denied because she tried to enter from France. She must do what we all have to have our fiancées do: go to a 3rd country, spend 14 days, then enter the US.

  2. I wouldn't advise going through Europe at all if possible. I thought the same thing. That transiting through a country would be different that actually entering the country and getting your passport stamped. The customs officers I spoke to said with a k-1 visa and previously being in the banned Europe countries they will deny entry to the US.
  3. ****** UPDATE ***** I just wanted to update everyone on the current situation. We talked to border control officers at several US airports and they said that having a k-1 and traveling through non-banned countries like Turkey is OK. However if she would have traveled through Paris, she would have been banned. If you want to talk to a border patrol officer you can call your airport and ask for the customs and border number. So we now have a Turkish airline ticket and are waiting for the flight now. What we were initially told by the man working for Air France was that K-1's could not enter the US and that there was nothing he could do. This was only true because airFrance only had flights going through France. So he was partially right. There was nothing HE could do. He failed to mention we could just get a ticket from a different airline and be okay. So K-1's can enter. Just don't buy from airFrance and don't think transiting through Europe is a good idea. ******UPDATE****** TLDR: DON'T TRANSIT THROUGH EUROPE ON A K-1.
  4. I believe you, but the guy at the airport said no matter what country she would still be refused at the US border. Do you know where it officially says what you're saying? Because I need to send her with an official source in case some idiot airport security decides to turn her away a second time
  5. I could get any airline. All the airlines I call say that they can't tell me whether or not the K-1 is accepted at the airport security though. Delta, Turkish all those airlines say that I need to get in contact with someone at the state department . Especially if she was turned away. I emailed the tunisian embassy and the state department is not open until monday. I'm just trying to get answers before then. The visa expires soon.
  6. How do I triple check this? I"ve seen countries like Iran, China, EU schengen area are banned. I didn't see turkey anywhere. But also did not see where it was explicitly allowed. I'm worried we'll just be throwing more money away on useless plane tickets.
  7. She never made it to paris. She has been in tunisia this entire time. So you mean that K-1's can still travel to the US just as long as it does not go through a banned country? I really need to make sure before I buy a ticket that travels through istanbul
  8. The man at the airport said that no matter what he would not let her through. No matter what country she went through
  9. Is tunisia considered a "banned" country? I can get her a hotel in any country for 14 days if that will fix things. Is there a list of banned countries out there?
  10. Is that the solution? The airport told her the US was not accepting any visas from tunisia. There is too much misinformation out there. I don't understand it
  11. She is flying from Tunis to paris to the US. They stopped her at the airport and said k-1 visas were not allowed. How is this possible? I'm speechless right now.
  12. Sorry I'm trying to understand. So We would be technically "Refused" but then that could be later switched to accepted if we produce the missing document? I'm just trying to figure out if there is still hope here
  13. Thank you so much! I'm sure we can get the police certificate before the April 2nd deadline. Hopefully it comes this Monday and this is all a non-issue. In your experience have you seen many members denied just based on turning in papers late?
  14. My follow up question was Do you know if the processing time factors into the April 2nd deadline? Like if we get the police certificate to them and they're "processing" for weeks and that deadline passes is the k-1 not valid anymore?
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