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  1. She already prepared a divorce paper she wanted me to sign. I’ve been withholding to sign with hopes we could reconcile. Then she took the next step asking me not to return home after I finished my fall semester exams.
  2. Hello, The weirdest thing happened lately, after my fall semester doing grad studies my wife wouldn’t let me return home, She said I couldn’t return home and we have to figure out a divorce. This is happening after we’ve filed I-751 jointly. Since I didn’t want to make any hasty decisions I suggested to her for us to see a marriage counselor, she’s not agreeing anyways. I’m just confused and feeling not so good today, I want to save my marriage but it requires effort from us both. However, I’m left with lots of questions in my head, but I want to ask for the most practical solution on going about my immigration? Any advice will help. bigmeg
  3. Hey not to be rude but you often move my posts to areas with less audience.. I observed this with the last post. Just saying. This was meant to be CR1 related.
  4. Hello, My residency card expires Nov. 16th 2021. However, I submitted my evidence to my counsel sometime Aug. 13th 2021. Been two months ago, my lawyer hasn't completed my filing yet and it's making me extremely uneasy. I try expressing my concern of urgency to him but he keeps knocking it off and giving false promises. Meanwhile my spouse doesn't seem to see anything wrong with what the lawyer is portraying. Both are saying "Take it easy", well that's not what my gut is telling me at this time. So, what do you all think my next step should be as I'm running out of time and patience with my counsel, I do not want a situation where I have an expired card in my hand with no guarantee of extended stay in sight. Please advice. Kind regards, BigMeg.
  5. Hi guys, I’m just confused to say the least. My wife and I were suppose to sign my immigration documents and send to USCIS. But at this point our marriage is cloudy, although we respect and love each other for some reason we can’t tolerate each other anymore. My conditional is due nov. 16 2021, shall I proceed to request for a divorce waiver from USCIS, how will this legally impact my case… or should we proceed with the filing and stay separated? What’s a feasible option that won’t adversely affect my case? Ps: she’ll be happier with a divorce it seem…
  6. Hi VJ family, my removal of condition is almost here and I’m preparing towards it. However, I will like to solicit with you all to advise me on documents that should be provided. Though, I read some requirements online but nothing beats general contributions from those who went through the same process and experience it first hand. My wife owns the house we live in so we do not have shared utility bills or mortgage. Also we don’t have shared liabilities or copay on anything. However, I pay the utility bills but the bill itself doesn’t reflect both our names. Please your contributions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for this, I have the soft copy of this document... do you think that will suffice during my application??
  8. Yes and the require your original marriage certificate...
  9. The problem is I’m due to remove my condition this august... so they may need my original certificate for that.. I don’t know if I should call uscis to address this question
  10. Hi guys, I woke up this morning to an unfortunate event, my car got break in and my marriage certificate was in my bag... negligence on my part. However, I call the Marriage Registries in Nigeria for any supplement to make up for this loss. My only option according to the registrar was a certificate of true copy. Will this suffice uscis request for original copy and has anyone had similar experience? If so your input will be greatly appreciated.
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