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  1. Hi guys, I need to get my marriage certificate translated to English. I was wondering if there are any recognized translation services accepted by the USCIS? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you guys. As for how I paid for the delivery: I was insured through my employers and was able to put her and my son on my insurance plan. We did consider adjusting her status from the US but decided against it since she had to go back to finish a project she's been working on and is very passionate about. My final question would be that If I fill out the IR1 Spusal Visa application, can I change the address on the application after submitting it? My lease will end in March 2020 and I will most likely end up moving to a new place. I was wondering if that would affect the application process?
  3. Hello, My wife is not a U.S citizen or resident. However, I (her husband) am a citizen and so is our son. We just had our first child who was born in Nashville, TN. My wife is going back to her country of residence with our son. My question is, how do I start her immigration process? What application do I have to fill? How long will it take for her green card to arrive? What is the application fees? And what documents are required? Would really appreciate any help regarding this. Thanks & regards, Omair.
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