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  1. I call again today and as of 5PM my case was not received. NOA2 since Aug 27th.
  2. I called at 7AM and actually on-hold now with them. Crossing my fingers.
  3. I think its best to wait until Friday or monday to call. The next shipment is 2 weeks out, no need to call yet.
  4. Not yet. I tried to call yesterday but the hours changed from 9 to 9. I should make the estimated Oct. 1 shipment.
  5. Of course you can. Please do not be negative due to something you may not understand. Photos can be imported into word and saved as pdf. Some printers can also save the photo as a .pdf extension.
  6. That is not the cut-off date. Your case will make the 9/17 shipment easily.
  7. Welcome!! wait until Oct 3 and then ask if your case was received at the NVC. it is phone number ‭1 (603) 334-0700‬. Option 1 first and then option 3. Wait times are about 80 minutes.
  8. It is 6033340700. press 1 right away for engiish then on next menu, press 3. i call at 6:00 PM to 6:45PM EST and the wait is 1 hour and 15 min. I tend to leave the phone on speaker in the other room and only grab the phone after my timer hits 1 hour. this number is for K1 visa. Option 3 tells you if case is received and case number. Do not call until NOA2 date reaches 15 business days.
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