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  1. Thanks a lot for this information, this is very useful! However, I have concerns that the USCIS may suspect on our decision to have a confidential marriage license (in this case, the only motive would merely to accelerate the process and avoid hitting the K1 visa limit period). I've been researching a bit further on this but I can't find any evidence or requirement from the USCIS that the marriage needs to be done through a Public (and not Confidential) marriage license. Do you know if this would be accepted or rejected by the USCIS? The latest thing we want is an unexpected delay of the visa process or even a denial when submitting the AOS later on.
  2. Hello all, I got my K-1 visa approved by December 2019 from the Embassy in London. Luckily, I managed to travel to the US just 1 day before Trump's travel ban to the UK due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak. Right after (2 days later), the shelter in place order was launched in California (where I'm living with my fiancé). Given that all the Counties/City Halls are now shut down due to this order, the risk that our 90-day period expires will exist until further notice of reopening dates (at the moment, no one really knows when the city halls will be back to normal operation). Does anyone know if an extension of the 90-day period has been or will be granted for these cases? How would this be requested to the USCIS? We are afraid that, even if we mail or email the USCIS with this request or similar support, they may get back to us too late (USCIS responses usually take too long). Thank you in advance. Best regards, Mario
  3. Hi everyone, I have Spanish nationality but at the moment (since 2016) I'm living in Bristol (United Kingdom). More than one year ago, my partner (from and living in San Francisco, California) and I decided to get married. Then, my fiancé submitted the K1 Visa in May 2018, requesting that it be managed through the Consulate in London as I am registered there as Spanish citizen in the UK. A few days later, we received the confirmation that this application (I-129F) was received by the USCIS California Service Centre in Los Angeles. Ever since, 15 months later, this application hasn't been approved yet. We haven't received any proper feedback from them (not even RFE) that explains this massive delay of our petition. We've sent monthly enquiries for updates of our case always receiving the same answer "background checks still ongoing", with no further explanation. My fiancé has also contacted her corresponding Congresswoman, Vanessa Lee, for further information, with no success and no other than the same answer again "additional research is required". Our lawyer, who assured us that the details we sent together with our application was more than enough and complete, hasn't either provided us alternative solutions or information that explain this delay. We are desperate as we don't really know what's going on with our application. We haven't found any explanation and, thus, we don't know what to do in order to accelerate this process. Apart from that, if I'm not wrong, the USCIS CA Service Centre doesn't accept walk-in visits unless they require us to, so there isn't any efficient way to communicate with them for a better understanding of this delay. Any help, suggestion, information or assistance will be hugely appreciated in order that we understand what's going wrong with our application. Thanks in advance!
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