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  1. I really need to think hard about this. Thank you all again.
  2. Hi to all this is my first time creating a topic/question here although I read some topics in the past without an account. So please if I'm in the wrong thread please guide me. Thank you. I'm soon to be a US citizen by naturalization and I'm wondering which visa options is best for me and my fiance. The thing is I just wanted to be with her as soon as possible so I think K1 is the best option for us though I have some concerns. So here's my question, how soon is she gonna be able to work after we get married? I'm still confused about the AOS part or EAD. I'm fine for her not be able to work for the first 3-6 months, I'm just worried that it might take longer than that. I know that this option is quite pricey compared to others but I'm totally fine with that. I don't know maybe it's just me but as I read more about K1 I find it a lot of work compared to others. Thank y'all for your time and guidance.
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