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  1. I understand what you’re saying about question 11, but since question 12 says “immigrants family” wouldn’t a spouse count as family? it seems in my opinion that the directions for question 11 are irrelevant to question 12...
  2. I know this is a new form so there’s still a lot of confusion about it, but any advice is much appreciated!! I’ll be preparing this form on behalf of my husband since he doesn’t speak English.... my first question; on this part of the form, line 11 refers to the immigrant (which would be my husband) and anyone who will be immigrating with him.... line 12 says “you or your family”, so I assume that would refer to the immigrants spouse (which would be myself, his US citizen wife?). I had “partial” Medicaid which ran out in March of 2020 and I applied for Medicaid again in May after an injury without the intention of receiving benefits, only because it seemed that it was a requirement to at least apply for Medicaid in order to receive non-government funded medical assistance through the hospital I recieved care at. I was denied the Medicaid benefits due to my income (as expected) and recieved the non-government benefits (which would be irrelevant to the public charge)... so my question is: does my husband need to check “no” on line 11, and “yes” on line 12, and then explain that his US citizen spouse (myself) recieved benefits but is exempt? My second question is about assets available to the immigrant.... The deed to our house in the US is in both my name and my husbands name. The mortgage is in my name. Would we use our property as one of the assets available to him? It says a recent appraisal is necessary and we have an appraisal that was done in 2019 but how long will the appraisal be good for? I’m not sure if it would be worth paying for a new appraisal when we’ve only put about $4K towards the principal of the house. And can we count my savings account as “assets available” to him without his name being on my bank account? We tried to add his name but I bank at a credit union so it wasn’t possible. thank you all so much in advance!!
  3. I heard I-130 applications for spouses were moving quickly now because of the temporary halt on most other visa categories... since we filed online on May 18th and recieved our NOA1 in the mail on the 23rd (dated as received on the letter was still May 18th), and the temporary halt on other visas ends on June 22nd I think? Do you think ours still might get processed a bit ahead of time? 8 months seems like such a long time and I’m so anxious...
  4. I submitted mine online on May 18th, received the online NOA1 almost immediately and received the official NOA1 (Which was the exact same as the one I received online) in the mail on May 23rd.
  5. Mine was sent in on May 18th. It says "May 22, 2020 In progress Your benefit request has been accepted and is under review" So this means they looked at it 4 days after they received it...? Does this seem like they might be processing mine fairly quickly?
  6. omg how do we know if they received it or not?
  7. I am concerned we will get an RFE for our marriage certificate. The certified translation contains 3 pages. Page 1. The original "Japanese Certificate of Acceptance of Marriage" Page 2. The "Translation of Extract: Japanese certificate of acceptance of marriage": We printed this template from the website for the American Embassy in Japan. The bottom of the template has a space that says "Signature:____" and "Date:___" and then below says "If being notarized, DO NOT SIGN until directed to do so". The "Consul of the united states of america" never told me to sign the document. Page 3: "Certificate of translation", contains the official seal from the consulate, my (The translators) signature, the date, and the signature of the Consul. Does this sound like it might get an RFE?
  8. For the time being (just starting the 1+ year long wait to be reunited with my husband), I’ve thrown myself into my work as much as possible. Working 8 hr shifts 7 days a week. Some days I go over to my parents house after work. Being in the house by myself gets me depressed.
  9. ok, thank you. I’ll check their website. i was wondering because the updated deed with my husbands name was emailed to us by a lawyer I used at the time, and the life insurance original copy is kept by the HR department where I work, so I’m not sure how I would attain an original copy of those items...
  10. Anyone want to share some things that helped them get through the long wait away from spouse or other family? It’s proving to be quite difficult emotionally.
  11. I was researching what documents are needed at the interview stage (my husbands will be done at the embassy in Tokyo, Japan.). some websites said a copy of all documents submitted with the i-130 would be needed? Is this true? also, my husband can pic up an official copy of our marriage certificate in Japan, but does it need to be the exact copy that I scanned and sent with the I-130? Does our marriage certificate and his birth certificate need an official translation even though it’s at the Tokyo embassy? (I had emailed them a while back and they said my husband won’t need an interpreter, but I wasn’t sure if that counts for the documents as well...) documents like the deed to our house, life insurance, etc., copies are fine?
  12. Thank you. i recieved a receipt notice online, and it says Potomac center at the bottom. Does that mean that’s where it’s going to be processed?
  13. You can get the I-94 Arrival Departure number on the link provided in the I-130 directions here! I was able to get the information from my husbands visit to the USA on the 90 day Visa Waivor program.
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